Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Countdown! Only a Few Days!

There are only a few days left till Thanksgiving -- have you gone to the store yet?

Adding to my list of gratitudes, I am most grateful that despite several jaunts on some rather slippery roads (and early ice is the worst), I made it safe and sound.

And, I am grateful that Kevin (the younger) is home for the Thanksgiving holiday! Everyday more grown up, more articulate and more welcome!

I want to remind you that if you -- or others you know -- are grieving or anticipating loss over this holiday season, that part one of "Good (?) Grief" -- a series of four articles I'm doing about grieving and getting through the holidays -- is on Chopsticks and String, my other blog.

I hope to post the next installment later this week.


  1. I have NOT been to the store yet....and I don't wanna go {said in my best whining voice}....I really don't like baking or cooking at all....which makes me a scrooge this time of year !!!

    HUBBY to the rescue !!!!

  2. I didn't realize you had another blog - I'm off to check it out!

  3. Store will be tomorrow afternoon. I am grateful that I only have to work two days this week and I only had to work two days last week! That is wonderful! I hate Icy roads.
    Have a good Monday!

  4. OH yeah, better go to the store, today. If past experience is any indicators, Wed will be a mad rush.


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