Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Today's Autumn Image is the tree outside a building on MSU's campus where I went today for a meeting. It was breathtaking. (You'll be seeing more of this tree in future Autumn Images, because I couldn't stop taking pictures!)

Last night Rick and I -- along with two sets of good friends -- went to see "Frost/Nixon" at MSU's Wharton Center.

Stacy Keach ("Mike Hammer") played Nixon and the play was by the fellow who write the screenplay to "The Queen." Excellent portrayal of what went into David Frost getting the famous Nixon interview following his resignation -- and how he got him to reveal what he did on camera.
I knew the interviews; I didn't know the back-story. It was fascinating! And actually rather timely. You couldn't sit and watch this and not think about future interviews that might sometime happen... would it be Charlie Rose? A journalist or a talk show host? The possibilities are endless!
The week was nicer because of a surprise arrival earlier this week -- this delightful Halloween card from Beth!
And while I'm posting art, here is an ATC I did for a swap with Beth and Shelley (who, alas, has removed her blog for awhile).

The theme was Romantic Women (Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte periods) and I don't have pix of the others I sent because I must have deleted them from my camera before I downloaded them. Too bad, because I loved the ones I did -- and soon I'll post the ones I received from Beth and Shelley, too!
Coming soon -- a tutorial in pumpkin roll baking! Stay tuned!


Rosa said...

Tehe, I just posted on my brilliant maple too! Aren't they just gorgeous! I would have them all over my yard if I could. They make me so happy!!! Love your swaps. Great ATCs!! xoxo

jet1960 said...

That is a beautiful tree! The trees around here are turning finally and I've been noticing the maples being especially gorgeous this year. Love the atc and of course Beth's Halloween postcard is lovely, as well.

Beth Leintz said...

Interesting to hear your review of Frost/Nixon- I was just reading about it in the newspaper yesterday- are they making a movie of it, too?

Beth said...

So pretty, my trees are starting to look awesome but haven't had a chance to take some pics. I will try on sunday. I have been babysitting Mom while my dad and stepbrother are out of town.
So glad you like the postcard. I wish it would have got there before Halloween. I sure mailed it in plenty of time.
Anyhoo,,have a great week-end!

Clare said...

Stunning col,ours on the tree.
Great ATCS

Joanne Huffman said...

beautiful tree. I look forward to the other pictures of it. Your ATC is very romantic - lovely.

Joanne said...

Is that queen ann's lace? what a pretty ATC!

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