Saturday, November 1, 2008

Are You SURE You Are Ready to Vote?

Next week I hope you will go vote.

Please don’t assume you are still on the voter registration polls in your state and that you have not been purged.

A friend of Kate’s recently learned that she had been purged, despite voting at the same place for years and having her voters registration card.

If you live in Michigan, go to to verify your voting rights. (I found Rick no longer voted in the firehouse but somewhere else.)

Rolling Stone recently had an important investigative story on voter fraud this year. You can read it online or download it here.

Meanwhile, if you live in Michigan, this non-partisan site has information on the two state ballot proposals – medical marijuana and stem cell research.


Herzblatt said...

Hello Jeanie,
I am always very impressed and astonished how many posts and pictures you have within a short time in your took me hours...*lol* read and watch them all. It is very interesting to see all your Halloween decoration.....I suppose you celebrate it much more than people in Germany.
We haven`t got much decoration in our house, most people haven`t got anything, neither inside nor outside the house.
When I look all your Halloween ghosts and witches and pumpkins I think that you really celebrate it in many ways.
Ten years ago nobody knew Halloween here. It comes more and more from the USA to us in the last years.
By the way I am really anxious to hear which candidate people in America will vote....
I think in Europe people like Mr.Barack Obama very much...
We will see!!!
The guided tour through your house by your lovely Gypsy was live very comfortable and wonderful!!!!
I wish you an exciting Halloween time

Annie said...

Excellent reminder Jeannie. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You WIN! Send me an email, (mine is on the About page on my blog) with your address so I can mail you the book, 'k?

Jeanne said...

I love all that you share and your visits and kind words always mean so much to me.
Love Jeanne

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