Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Catching up on Projects!

Today's Autumn Image is a the tree outside my office building, taken last Thursday. Beautiful, isn't it?

It was a perfect day -- blue sky, gold and orange leaves. It doesn't get better than that in the fall.

November always feels like a long month. There's always much to do -- holiday preparations, crafting, finishing up the last of the outside work.

I thought I'd share a couple of the projects I finished while I was sick. I didn't do all these during this time -- most of the scarves were finished, save for weaving in the ends.

Above is a fuzzy pic of seed stitch with silk. The texture is wonderful; wish I'd done better with the photo.

Eyelash! Gotta love it! (This is mixed with a chunky wool and it's very warm.)

This is one of my favorite patterns and I loved the thick-and-thin yarn.

Same pattern, but a silk-wool blend. This is one of those "wear inside" scarves.

And several of the dishcloths were already finished -- again, just needing end work.

I got this purse felted and pulled together. There are several more to finish up. Some just need i-cord, others felting.
I also did some cards for a 4x4 swap with the theme of family. Here are just a couple.

My mom (at right) with her sisters.

That would be me! I appear to like winter better there than I do now!

And mom and me. I love this pic!

More almost-done projects to come! Stay tuned!


stufenzumgericht said...

Hi Jeanie,
wonderful things, that you're showing on your blog! Love it!!!
In answering your question to the pink ribbon card on Dagmars blog: I made the ATC for Dagmar, because she was showing the pink ribbon logo on her blog.
Kind regards

JessInFocus said...

I really like your scarves and 4x4s!

I thought you would get a kick out of my Elvis. Ha ha!

Beth said...

Beautiful tree! Ours are finally showing some pretty colors. Your knitting projects are awesome and love the 4 x 4s. So much talent!!!

Beth Leintz said...

Your felted bag is great- such pretty colors and I love the handles. Handles are my bugaboo when it comes to felting.

What's the stitch for your blue scarves?- looks like something I'd like to try.

Rosa said...

You have been busy! I want you to teach me how to felt!!! Wish I were up there with ya for just one weekend!! The things we could do!!! Congrats, by the way. YWC! (yes we can) xo

Quiltmoose - Dagmar said...

I love your family cards! You are lucky to own those beautiful nostalgic photos and you did a great job making the cards out of them. Martina already answered your question on my blog. Sorry I didn't translat my post this time! Sometimes I am just too lazy ;-)

Take care,

Judy Winter said...

I love the photo of you and your mom. Probably because I know just how much she means to you, always.


paris parfait said...

Fabulous work! So good to see the fall leaves - not enough of those around here.

And YES WE DID! Hooray for America, who showed that what unites us is stronger than what divides us. Love is stronger than fear. Every time. xo

GardenGoose said...

sorry I haven't been by in a long while.
trying to catch up now.
all of your crafting projects look great.
hope you have a lovely weekend.

anno said...

Mmmm.. I want to wrap that fuzzy red scarf around my neck right now! And you reminded me: a washcloth project might be just the right thing for me right now.

Beautiful autumn pictures -- gorgeous projects!

anno said...

P.S. What is ATC? I've looked this one up on Wikipedia and everything! Inquiring minds need to know!

Herzblatt said...

Hi Jeanie,
first I want to congratulate you for your new wonderful president....I am very happy that he has been elected!!!!
The things you show on your blog are great...especially the bag.....and the scarves are will need them now I think. At the moment we have got rather mild weather, too mild for November.

Joanne Huffman said...

very cool stuff - at least there's something positive to come out of being sick: finishing projects is always that last hard step.


jet1960 said...

What you need to do is pack up all those scarves and send them to me! Well, the dishclothes and the purse, too! And I hope I'll be the lucky recipient of one of your beautiful 4x4's as I was a participant in that swap.

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