Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pink Saturday: JFK

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Today is the anniversary of JFK's assassination. That's 45 years. Pictured is a series of three ATCs I did for a swap about the 1960s back a few years ago.

I was in seventh grade English class when they announced it. It was right before Thanksgiving holiday and I remember I wasn't allowed to sell fundraiser candy during our days off from school. (That didn't bother me.)

My mom picked me up and then we got my cousin Susan who was either coming for dinner or else we were dropping her off -- that part is fuzzy. But it was snowing.

Very weird -- I remember the non-stop telly viewing -- it was almost like CNN -- news all the time, it seemed. I remember the funeral and cortege and seeing Jack Ruby be shot (I think live; maybe replay.)

It was when TV got real.
Where were you?

I'll be taking a couple of pink weeks off for vacation, but back with you in December! Meanwhile, if you have recently experienced a loss or know someone who is grieving, please visit my other blog, Chopsticks and String, where I have the first of several writings related to grieving posted. (And a recipe for toasty roasty tomato soup!


  1. I was very little when this happened. Enjoy your bloggy vacation! Hugs Denise

  2. I wasn't even a twinkle in my mother's eye when that happened. I've heard my parents talk about it though. They were in school when it happened too. Your ATCs are great. Enjoy your vacation!

  3. Having been born in 1968, I am pretty sure that I wasn't even a thought in my parents head at that time. It is weird to hear you talk about it though as that is very similar to the way 9/11 felt. I've considered how that event would have shaped future current events viewing on television. That is pretty amazing! Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Nice blog! I was in kindergarten when Kennedy was shot. I was in the morning class and we had just gotten out for the day. The teachers and parent picking us up were crying and we didn't understand what was going on. I remember the TV being on constantly (it usually was only on for certain, Red Skelton, Candid Camera, Gunsmoke...LOL!) My neighbor who was a year younger than me, played Lincoln Logs on the floor and tried to understand what was going on. The whole world was in shock and we continue to play Lincoln Logs....really surreal!

    Happy Holidays!

  5. I was walking home from school in 1st grade and my mother met me half way, which was very unusual. And I remember all the TV watching too.

  6. I was in third grade - heard a kid talk about it on the playground at lunch, and didn't believe him. Then when we went into class, the teacher told us and I knew it was real.

    I do remember Jack Ruby shooting Oswald on TV, though.

  7. Happy Pink Saturday!I was in Boston a month ago and ate at The Kennedy's favorite restaurant...The Union Oyster House...
    It was wonderful!!!Upstairs is the booth they sat at everytime they visited!

    Smiles and blessing to you,

  8. Happy Pink Saturday! ENJOY your day! Fifi

  9. I was a little child, too, when that happened, it`s a long time ago.
    Where are you the next weeks??? I will miss you

  10. And today is my anniversary and I Love the pink series. I also read your other posts and enjoyed them so much too. I also got the new Artful blogger mag this week and have been enjoying it so much!
    Hope you have a great week-end!

  11. I do remember that day. We were sent home from school. I was in sixth grade.My family, cousins, and grands all gathered together, maybe to buffer the shock somehow. I dunno. I recall that my brother was reading PROFILES IN COURAGE at the time. It was on the kitchen counter.

    Hey, have an excellent time off!Looking forward to stories (and maybe some pictures?)

  12. Like Susan S., I was in kindergarten at the time and have only the vaguest memories. Some tears, some distress, images of Jackie and her children. I love those ATCs you made!

  13. It is a time that we each remember where we were, 7th grade math class, stunned and shaken, felt like the world was falling apart. Your cards are wonderful and capture the times perfectly!
    *Happy Pink Saturday* see ya when you get back...have a nice break :)

  14. I was but a gleam in my mother's eye ~ she was 15 years old that year.

  15. I was in high school biology class and when they came on the P.A. system and announced that President Kennedy had been shot. I remember the local rock 'n roll radio station played classical music that week-end, I remember being glued to the TV and I remember watching Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald. It really was the end of innocence in Americal politics.


  16. i was 10 on that day and home from school with the measles or chicken pox i can't remember which.. my sister and i were both home and laying on summer chaise lounges in the living room in front of the TV. My parents cried when they heard the news and both came home early from work. it is one of those days that will be etched in my mind forever...

    i love your new blog jeanie :)

  17. Wow...45 years. I guess that means I was 4, I DO remember my mom crying non stop and that upset me. Everyone was so sad. It left an impression on me...

    Happy Pink Saturday...and..

    Happy Thanksgiving!!


  18. Happy Pink Saturday, Jeanie.

    I was in the sixth grade when President Kennedy was killed. I remember how time seemed to be in slow motion. Everything was closed and quiet.

  19. How well I remember...Happy belated Pink Saturday..

  20. I was in kindergarden when this horrible day happened. I can still remember laying on my parents bed watching the whole funeral. Sucha sad day, but your work is beautiful. Thanks for sharing and rminding me. Happy Pinkness


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