Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Write on Wednesday: A Writing State of Mind

Today’s Write on Wednesday talks about your “writing state of mind” (read Becca’s fabulous post to kick off the discussion) and asks:

How about you? What’s your writing state of mind these days? How do you access that “mysterious faculty” where insight and imagination are nurtured? How do your instincts about your writing ability help you? What’s your experience of being in “the writing zone”?

These days, my writing state of mind is about nil. None of the writing I have to do (for work) is floating my boat and as for the rest of it – well, limbo is about the best bet.

I’d rather be outdoors looking at beautiful things (like this tree in the grocery store parking lot; inspiration can lie anywhere!).

Or doing creative things like finishing these… these are the small watercolors I started that now need collage elements. And have I touched them since I returned from the Lake? No.

Or making food like this (Blueberry Crumble Pie) – which I will tonight.

And every night, I knit. (Winter’s coming on; so is show-season!)

These days I don’t seem to have much insight or imagination to write anything I don’t have to (the exception being The Marmelade Gypsy). I don’t seem to want to think that much.

In fact right now, all I want to do is hole up with a book or yarn, a box of Kleenex with lotion, my antibiotics, cough syrup and Ricola and not think at all!

Well, that’s not happening – so how DO I access what Becca calls “that mysterious faculty” where insight and imagination are nutured?

I wish I could tell you, but I just don’t know. I do it because I have to – and it just comes. Maybe not in a tidy, well-written way. But it comes – at least enough to edit!

And how do my instincts about my writing ability help?

Well, I edit! I’ve never written anything first-time out that changing words, sentence structure, rearranging paragraphs or whacking down to half hasn’t helped. It may not be art. But it’s better than before.

I think I tend to get in the writing zone when I’m passionate about a topic. I love writing about family and their experiences, especially the old ones. For me, there’s something fun about recalling family events or experiences on the page, and so when I start, I really get rolling.

When I go there, the clock doesn’t play a role. I simply stay put and the words come out.

My art zone is like that, too. And those are pretty great spaces to be…


anno said...

To me, it looks like you have plenty of access to ""that mysterious faculty" where insight and imagination are nurtured," but you're putting that energy toward other creative efforts. Such beautiful things you make!

I'm afraid I am with you on the desire for a box of Kleenex, cough syrup, and no thoughts at all... let's hope this cold season passes quickly!

Joanne Huffman said...

All the pre-fall allergens seem to be dancing in the air and I don't go anywhere without my tissues and Zyrtec lately. I think you have an excellent way of writing, even when you're writing about not writing.


Becca said...

I agree with Anno - you're giving the mysterious faculty free play in lots of other areas, which perhaps inspires your writing mind as well...I wish something would inspire me to become a good editor like you are!

BTW, I love all the yarn photos! They look so warm and cozy!

Rosa said...

Poor you, are you sick? Allergies? Regardless, poor you. Who likes sniffling? I only write on my blog and as you know by reading my blog, who in the world knows what will inspire me at any given time! ha. Love that tree with the berries! Love that clock too!!

Anonymous said...

Creativity has many facets. Yours is one of those.

state of mind

Unknown said...

"...there’s something fun about recalling family events or experiences on the page."

I like writing about family events and experiences as well. I think it was Stephen King who said, "write what you know." Nobody knows our family the way we do.

Beth said...

Another great post and great pictures. I was hoping you were feeling better,,I hate colds, yuk!
Hope you get to better!

paisley said...

who needs tidy and well written,,, when you have such a vast array of creative outlets??? i have one, one and only one,, and for that reason and that reason alone i hone it... if i was as diverse as you ,, my dear i would be spread as thinly as butter........

Annie Jeffries said...

Hi Jeanie. I have found myself become totally enchanted by trees in parking lots. Isn't that funny? We are there for errands and busy and life stops us. A tree gets our attention. I like being easily distracted. don't you? I made a felted purse similar to this some time ago. I'm inspired to make another one, a bigger one.

When do I write? Rarely as an exercise. Generally when something really, really moves me (like The Sunflower)the writing is always there.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I haven't a clue regarding knitting and view it as magic. My mom can whip up mittens, hats, socks - anything, and it's always luxurious and always fits. How do you all do it? I love eyeing the yarns in the yarn boutiques and even at Michaels...alas, I have no clue what to do with them. So, knit on! ANd know that we'll ogle your stuff in the stores and shops and fairs.
As for the pictures with this entry, love them! Great "nostalgia" picture in b&w; great clock, and I'm sorry but you made me laugh with your snapshot of the Ricola and handkerchief. Oh, geez, what a drag for you.

And thanks for sharing your writing truths. I guess there should be a rule about cutting our stuff in half (even something like this long wandering comment!)

Feel better!!!

Laura said...

Hey, thanks for prompting me to get my blog on!!!! I wrote a new entry tonight...your topic is timely for me...need to get thinking and writing more. I have been on autopilot I guess. This whole election thing is draining to me emotionally. Hope you feel better soon!!!!! Thanks for your kindness!

Laura said...

Also, love your blog banner of your wonderful kitty!

JessInFocus said...

This reminds me I haven't made that pie yet. Mmmmm! Hope you are feeling better. Mt allergies always get the best of me this time of year.

You clock looks like sweet Gypsy boy! Love it!

Anonymous said...

this is a great post. very honest, very open. blogging is a perfect way to let yourself be in that dead zone. the quiet "i don't have much to say times". you can add the photos (love the cat clock!) and hint at future posts ) that vintage photo is family?) and just plain let us into your everyday life. which by the way is a nice place to visit.

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