Monday, September 22, 2008

Basking in the Weekend

I spent last weekend more or less taking it easy, recovering (or trying to – it’s still a battle) from the bronchitis, sinus and asthma that has been plaguing me since Labor Day.

This post is illustrated with photos from my trip to the City Market on Saturday. I needed veggies and thought I’d rather go there than the regular supermarket. It was a beautiful day and a great decision.

I also enjoyed a fabulous concert by Michigan State University’s College of Music – there was one number that gave me chills, it was so powerful, emotional, spiritual and elegant. But the whole evening was well worth it!

Then on Saturday, we enjoyed a local theatre production of Little Shop of Horrors, which was simply delightful in every way. (Although I think the Gypsy has taken lessons from Audrey II, the hungry plant – maybe not in food content, but in his aggressive delivery when he’s hungry!)
(Seen here at his Executive Assistant spot in the art room!)

Saturday also included time getting in the fall mood with my market visit!

It was nice to spend time with Rick when I wasn't totally obnoxious with my maladies! The prednisone is SLOWLY kicking in. (I thought it would be faster, but I shouldn't complain!)

Sunday I managed to deal with mall tasks – including the hunt for a dress to wear to an October wedding. I hate dress shopping more than anything (particularly since I have shoe issues, given my orthotics). I found something, but feel compelled to try again.

This photo expresses my angst at dress shopping!

And finally felt like cooking again, even though I haven’t been able to smell a thing since Labor Day and everything tastes metallic. I did this wonderful banana/chocolate bread from a Cooking Light recipe.

When you cut it open, it has a nice swirl.

Also served my tried-and-true Kate’s Salmon and made a nice dressing for broccoli slaw.

Broccoli Slaw

1 package (or what you need) of broccoli slaw
Mixed veggies – I used radish, scallion, cherry tomato
Extras – I used dried cranberries, spiced nuts from Trader Joe’s.


About half of one small container of plain yogurt
Juice of ½ lime
Chimayo pepper (ground) – I would have used chipotle if I had any left
Basil (dried)
Dill (dried)

I just mixed up this interesting combo of ingredients until it was a dressing consistency and had a nice flavor. No quantities or measurements, unfortunately, but give it a shot!


jet1960 said...

Your sickness certainly has lingered. Hopefully it's on it's last legs and you are on your way to feeling normally.

The photos of the market are lovely and the Gypsy is, too!

I've been trying to diet, cutting back on carbs and sugar, in an attempt not just to lose weight, but to keep from becoming diabetic like my Mom and Dad. So your bread looks very scrumptious! The slaw I could do, though, and may very well be trying that. I try to keep broccoli slaw as a topping for salads.

JessInFocus said...

Hope you'll be over your infection soon. I love your photos from the market and Gypsy looks like so comfortable lounging in your art room. That photo reminds me of our barn cat laying on top of the sliding stall doors. The bread looks wonderful!

anno said...

It looks like a lovely weekend! Where is the City Market?

When we go to Lansing, we always end up (for historical reasons) at El Azteco, which has never seemed as exciting ever since it moved from its subterranean location up into its current spot. We often enjoy walking over to the MSU botanical gardens afterwards. I still miss Jocundry's.

Good luck finding a dress you want to wear. Your photo of that statue perfectly reflects my own angst about any kind of shopping for clothes...

Beth said...

Oh bless your heart. I didn't know you were still suffering from that awful stuff. At least you had a nice week-end. The bread did look yummy. But like Jill, I am cutting back on carbs too.
You keep taking care of yourself,,eat lots of soup.

Bree said...

ooohhh, banana/chocolate bread. That looks marvelous! If you're able to email a copy of the recipe, I'd love to have it.

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