Friday, April 4, 2008

Too Much to Do!

I'm so looking forward to the weekend -- lots to do (not the least of which is the taxes...)

First up, finishing up Artiscape projects. The ATCs are almost done -- 25 of them. (Well, what subject did you think I would pick?

And I just have a few details left on the collage before I can photograph it!

Then there's the yard. Look what popped up!

I don't know if these are the mini-irises I planted last year -- I think so, but they seem too early. No matter -- I'm thrilled to see color in the yard!

These fellows are getting bigger, too. About four inches up for the tallest -- some are shorter.

And my little stony fellow here is looking like he's ready to have those leaves swept away and a few plants put in. (I'll hold on that, though, till I know Jack Frost has moved on!)

And, when I tire of that, there's always the inside to work on -- not the least of which is "editing" my bulletin board.

Hope you all have lovely, fulfilling and busy weekends as well!


Karen Owen said...

See, I did come to visit your blog. Your ATCs for Artiscape are adorable. Love that laughing cat. And your irises are so pretty.


Beth Leintz said...

The cat on your ATC just makes me smile!

Joanne Huffman said...

I hope you enjoy your week end (except for the taxes part). The ATCs for Artiscaqpe are great; what a happy cat! See you at Artiscape.


beth said...

nothing has popped up around us, but I'm heading out to the cottage late this morning and I can't wait to see what's coming up out there....for sure our skunk cabbage will already be wild down by the natural spring...

I'll take pics to show you !!! the ATC's

Anonymous said...

the water droplets on the iris petals is heavenly jeanie! and are those hyacinth leaves popping out of the mulch? do your irises have a lovely scent?

i will wait to see the finished bulletin board. i need some inspiration. a bulletin board can be so much more than a place for reminders or even photos......
have a good weekend!

Rosa said...

Your iris are beautiful! I haven't had iris in years. Makes me want to plant some! And miniatures? Lovely even more so! Love your kitty cat cards. xo

Pam Aries said...

Girlfriend! You ARE busy! Love your ATCs! ..I a mso sorry that I will miss you this summer. You can come up to the West Coast and visit! .. I a mgoing to get everyone's snail mail address...would you email me ?

Beth said...

I Love your Kitty ATCs,,they are so cool,,the kitty is so cute. The flowers are beautiful. Thats amazing that the Iris have bloomed. Ours don't usually bloom here until Late April or May. They are beautiful. I will send some warm spring temps your way!

Shelley said...! And pretty blue ones at that. Things are looking spring! said...

Its still too early for Iris here, but I have my first dafodil blooming!

Judy Winter said...

I'm pretty sure I recognize that big sun, JC!!!
You're blog is terrific. It captures you well.
Thanks for all the great comments on my site, too!

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