Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Artiscape, continued!

Well, after such a grand first day at Artiscape, could day two be better? Possibly! It was pretty amazing!

My class was transparent collage with Jacqueline Sullivan. I’ve always enjoyed her work (in fact, when I got home, I picked up a VERY old Somerset and there was a great article about her with fabulous illustrations! Serendipity? I think not!).

I’d taken an card/invitation class from her years ago in Ann Arbor and seen her at Artiscape two years ago when she was part of a demo group. This class was different – two hours in the morning, three in the afternoon.

We spent the morning painting tissue paper and using some different textures (coffee grounds, sawdust) and powders.

We also made sheets of paper using twine between two sheets of tissue, "glued" with the paint (which had the gloss medium mixed in that served as a glue. First, the twine was put on a paper and covered with another sheet...

Then painted...

and done!

We would use these in the afternoon for the collage we would make, and we all made plenty of extra ones for future use! Here are a few of mine...

We also prepped the focal point image we brought with us – I brought a photo of mom as a child. In the afternoon we began the collage -- Jacqueline walked through it step by step, first layering the tissues we made, then adding the image and collaging around that. We worked on a 12” square canvas. She showed us how to layer the papers, which became very transparent and gave a great depth when overlayed.

We also added embellishments and texture using modeling/moulding paste. (She's doing the demo for that, above.) Here is my piece "before" painting the moulding paste (which is white)...

And after a raw umber wash -- the finished product -- with its creator...

And alone, up close.

My work is far from perfect -- I have to work on my air bubble technique under the photo for one thing -- but I love what I did and I know mom would too.
I am just dying to have time to spread out all my stuff and start another while it is still fresh. I also want to make more “backgrounds” from my papers to use in cards and other projects as the base.

It was a most remarkable class and she was a generous, helpful and delightful instructor, with fabulous "take-home" things, including an illustrated book with detailed instructions. If you have the chance to take a class with Jacqueline, do so. You won’t regret it. (She also has a DVD. I believe it is available on her website.)

Other moments of fun…

Silent Auction wins! All silent auction pieces had a Casablanca theme and most used the movie (which was fine with me, because it’s a favorite!). I was high bidder on these items…I’m listing the name of the artist, but if you know them, will you please send me their email or blog name so I can thank them? It wasn’t included and we didn’t get a participant sheet at the show.)

A Casablanca paper bag book by Devan Cretella, Youngstown, Ohio.
A gorgeous box with a removeable tray (small and just perfect for earrings!) with a matching four-panel screen. By Gail Haverdille, Cleveland.

A wonderful tin carrying case/”stuff divider” (great for supplies, road trips, the desk) by Brenda Tassava of Indianapolis.
Next post will focus on on the House of Cards display that was featured!


  1. Wow!! Your papers are beautiful and your collage turned out really great. I have never taken any art classes and would love to sometime. Also love all your goodies from the silent auction!

  2. But they are perfect! Perfectly wonderful. How very nice. Love ya!

  3. Wish I were there with you! It looks like a blast!!

  4. The collage is absolutely beautiful! It looks like a great class and it looks like you'll be making more of these beautiful backgrounds.


  5. As someone earlier said your papers are beautiful. I enjoy posts like this so much - almost like being there. I leave for art and soul in a couple of weeks and have to remember to take pictures!!
    Looks like you had a great time.

  6. Oh I LOVE the collage!!! Its so awesome. I know your MOm would have loved it too. You look like you had so much fun!!!

  7. Hi Jeanie-
    Got your email. We leave for A&S on 5/1. I missed a chance to take a class with Keith LoBue a couple of years ago and I wanted to correct that.
    Okay if I place a link to your blog from mine?

  8. Thank you. And yes of course on mine. Very nice of you.
    I found one person who wanted to go to A&S and so it worked out. I saved too so I understand. I can do about 1 workshop a year. I would love to go to Italy for one of those. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  9. I keep forgetting to say I love the cat photo!!

  10. that looks like a great class! I love what you did. I bet this is something you'll do more of.

  11. what a great class with a fabulous technique !!!

    I can't wait to try something like that myself !!

    and your finished piece...beautiful!!!

  12. what a great class with a fabulous technique !!!

    I can't wait to try something like that myself !!

    and your finished piece...beautiful!!!

  13. Love and hugs and many blessings.
    Love Jeanne ^j^


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