Thursday, April 3, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Karla of Sugar Bear Designs!

Karla is the winner of "House of Grapes," a mini-birdhouse done for the Bling Your Birdhouse event!

Congratulations, Karla! It will be off to you as soon as I find the right-sized box!

Meanwhile, Mr. Gyps gets into wild spasms of ecstasy when he contemplates bird watching -- coming soon to a window near him!

Happy Day!


  1. Lucky Karla!!! I know she will Love that birdie house. Mr. Gyps is too cute!!!

  2. there are too many Karlas in blogworld! I had my hopes up there for a second.

  3. i was hoping that my name might help me in the drawing since i am the namesake for at least one bird :( i remember our cat ruby getting very stoked about the birds this time of year. her jaw would just quiver and snap with the thought of the chase and capture. i really get nervous because i try so hard so hard to protect my feathered friends here in Avalon. there are 2 neighbor cats who lurk around in the bushes and even climb onto the bird feeders trying to capture the birds. sigh..

  4. Lucky Karla! Am finally getting a chance to visit you, after being tour guide to yet another group of guests.

  5. Love your bird house, but ADORE Mr. Gypsy! Oh, look at that pose--look at that NOSE! hehe. xo


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