Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Little Bits

So, here are a few little bits from my world these days...

First, art! This was too big to scan, but here is the cover of Rick's "year book" (a book of poetry and photos I put together each year for Valentine's Day). I did that over the weekend, along with some St. Paddy's day tags (just need the fringe part!) and some ATCs. It was nice to spend some creative time!

Also spent some time on a shawl for my aunt's 95th birthday. It's March 1, so I need to knit fast!

My work days have been spent coordinating an award entry for our World War II efforts here at the station last year. We had four television programs, two events, online support, fundraising efforts, a radio programming component and a major communications plan. We've been copying, collating, writing the nomination, re-writing the nomination with a vengeance! We'll know in April if we made it!

Finally, today was the first meeting of our informal Weight Watchers group -- several of us who had a WW at Work program a few years ago decided to regroup and meet weekly. Each of us will take a week to chair, we'll share recipes and support for each other and see what we can do. I took "Get Active" and "Exercise" since these are the things I hate the most and therefore need the most motivation for. (I love Richard Simmons and sweatin' to the oldies, but why sweat when you can glue things together?)

The other good thing is that my weight loss exercise class begins Thursday -- a 12-week plan! So, let's see how I do 10 or 12 weeks from now!


Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

Well you've been a busy bee both in art and at work! I've been thinking of joining WW again(did it years ago). I think it helps to have a group like that to support one another.
I checked out the link you mentioned and those doll photos are AMAZING! One of them is a Shirley Temple doll, I can tell by the face. Thanks for pointing her out.
Lisa Oceandreamer

Tammy said...

I love that notebook...very nice!

I myself need to get on the weight loss program...but why sweat when you can be blogging?

Have a great day!

Beth said...

that cover is wonderful and your hubby is a lucky man !!

And....a 95 year old aunt !! Wow, what's her secret ???

and good luck with WW....you can do it !!!

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