Friday, February 15, 2008

Beyond the Snapshot

I don’t know if you’ve visited Jane Rosemont’s link over on this page under “Sites I Like.” If you have, you may have clicked on her “Beyond the Snapshot and Off the Beaten Path” Tuscany 2008 Photographic Workshop.

I’m thrilled to give this talented photographer a plug for enrollment in this great experience and encourage anyone who would enjoy a delightful learning experience in a beautiful environment to consider signing up.

c. Jane Rosemont

Imagine shooting images like this – or the others Jane has on her site. What subject matter! Seeing amazing medieval and Renaissance architecture. Stopping at great little restaurants or grabbing a snack for a quick break while shooting at a market… wouldn’t you like to have access to structures normally closed to the public?

Jane will focus on design sense and a particular assignment, but you’ll have more than a few opportunities to “do your own thing.” And, in addition to shooting, you’l have time for wine tasting, shopping, eating, and exploring the amazing birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.

And let me add one more thing – I’ve taken Soul Collage and Shrine-making classes from her and had the pleasure of selling side-by-side with her at art shows. She’s so much fun, you can count on the event itself being a blast. (And it won’t hurt that Michael deMeng is also at Cortona and Osai at that time!)

Well, there’s much more on her site, so I don’t want to stop you from visiting! Check it out!


My weekend will combine finishing Rick's Valentine Book (a poetry/photo yearbook) and welcoming him home late Saturday night. I'm still on the hunt for the newest Somerset Legacy with Beth McWilliams' cover (Beth's blog over at the right is "Doors are Everywhere.") She had a drawing for one of her beautiful valentine tags featured earlier on my blog and I was a lucky winner! It arrived Tuesday after a long, hard day and what a treat! I'm still trying to find that and the newest Artful Blogging. I may have to cybershop.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with a couple of things I've been looking at lately in my world -- the tulip bulbs I bought last week that are finally coming into bloom and the Marmelade Gypsy doing what my boy does best -- investigate plant life! (Actually, sleeping is his best thing; this is maybe second- or third-best!)

Have a lovely weekend!


Beth said...

Aww shucks !

I don't know what's going on with that @#$% magazine !

Why they make it hard to find is beyond me.

I can't find the artful blogging one yet either, so I think I will order that one !

Happy Friday !
xo ~B~

Beth said...

Hey Jeanie,
I will have to check out the link you mentioned. I found Artfull blogging at our "Books-a-Million",,not sure if you have one of those or not. If you can't find it let me know and I will swing by and pick you one up and check on the other mag for you too.
Have a great week-end!!!

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

Hi Jeanie, I received your email and of course you can add my links. Heck, I never ask people, I just add them (perhaps I should ask first but hey,to me it's very flattering)
Thank you. I wish I could put every link on the participant list on my blog...the good thing is they will all be there for 8 more months to visit and visit!
Lisa Oceandreamer

Pam Aries said...

Hi Jeanie! Thank you for the link... I will go right over and check her out! Your kitty looks so much like my Tripp.. he investigates every single thing I bring in..or move around..or look at ..or dust...ha ha! He is a very curious cat! said...

That is a wonderful picture. I'll check out the link

I haven't come across Artful Blogging yet either,but plan on looking more tomorrow. I hear it is a good issue

paris parfait said...

Wish the timing worked for me for that workshop - wouldn't it be fun! As for the Somerset publications, you can order them online. We're forced to do that in Europe, as they aren't sold here.

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