Monday, February 25, 2008

We Were "There for the Bear!"

A lovely weekend at a great event – the Ebersole Center – which is a camp located in the woods and wilds about an hour or so from Lansing. Kids in the Lansing Public Schools attend the camp as part of their curriculum – for many, it is their first real experience “in the wild” as they experience science and nature firsthand. We were excited to attend the annual fundraiser, which included a silent Auction (I bought an astounding photograph of Santa Fe by Michael M. Smith – check out his website!) -- he also took the photo of me with Ebby the Bear! There was also a live auction (Rick bid high on a nature walk where you view “raptors”) and fun stops like the gold mine, where you buy a rock (that entitles you to a drink) and brush off the glitters. If the stone is gold underneath, you’re entered in a drawing for a diamond).

There was also a hog-roping stop. (I didn’t try, but Rick did!) He actually got the noose around it's horns!

There were also raffles (we didn’t win, but I didn’t NEED a dinner out, though I could have used the framing or car detailing!)
Here was the fun part – the dinner was very out-west, meaning beef stew, biscuits and baked beans served in a tin plate, peach cobbler with ice cream, and good salads – all served from the chuck wagon!

There was even a "campfire" nearby!

I love it – how many fundraisers do you get to attend where you can wear your jeans!

And the "set decorataions" were great -- wonderful old hats, serapes...

A good time had by all -- and good funds raised for a good cause!


GardenGoose said...

looks like a grand time was had. and "hey you!" finally good to put a face with the name.:0)
stopping by to invite you over to my blog where I am hostessing not 1..but 3 fun drawings in celebration of Leap yr. day. won't you come join the fun?

Beth said...

Now that looked like a fun time,,and love the pic of you and Teddy. Rick looks like he could do some serious roping!!!
Hugs to you my friend!!!

Artsy Etc. said...

What a party! Looks like a great time, Jeanie! You need to come to Santa Fe sometimes. My favorite place.

Pam Aries said...

YEE HAW!!! Ha ha ..sounds like a good ole'time. I am still lagging after my campout..heh heh.

Rosa said...

Oooh this sounds like so much fun! I love silent auctions!! Live ones make me quite nervous! lol. I would love to go panning for gold, and who wouldn't love to receive a diamond for free!

Gina said...

I'm really enjoying your blog. We need to get together one of these days!! I'm working way too many hours lately but I'll call one of these nights when I get home before it's too late!
Take care and keep writing :-)

paris parfait said...

Oh what fun! And aren't you lucky to get Michael M. Smith to take your photo! You look mahvelous, dahling. I know Smith's work from when I lived in Santa Fe. Glad you and Rick had a fantastic time, all for a good cause - which makes it even better!

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