Monday, February 4, 2008

Yellow Walls!

This was a terrific weekend, made possible in part by my intrepid artist friend Kate, who is MOST skilled at painting walls! What is daunting to me -- painting my kitchen (and, fairness requires that I add I have a very small kitchen -- we're not talking about painting the Sistine Chapel here) became a glorious afternoon (OK, day) of fun!

Here's the start (after the taping and spackling!) -- beautiful yellow paint, which Kate called the color of lemon yogurt. We did the half-wall pictured here, and the wall behind the fridge, at the backsplash and along the side. I don't have the things on the wall yet -- I'm being pretty careful before I put nails into my fresh paint! But I'm looking to put a shelf for my teapot collection above the microwave soon enough. And, by the sink I'll probably put back my rack with the Hall crocus collection.

Best of all, it was a great day, topped off my an intermission -- Kate's husband Mike made terrific spaghetti and it was the perfect break.
Here is the sink corner (where the Hall collection will go) after painting (Why didn't I clean it up first?!)

And the shelf with the teapots will go above the microwave. (The wine rack goes on top of the thing at the left.)

Sunday I hit Home Depot -- bought new trashcans and clean white switchplates! Then I started putting things back. Being an over-clutterer (and not necessarily liking it!) I am trying to be careful and not do that!

Such a nice time and good job done! Thanks, Kate!


Pam Aries said...

Hi Jeanie! By all means link me up! ..I have not updated my link list in forever,which I need to do ..laterrrr! your kitchen is lookin' good!

Beth said...

I Love the yellow paint and I really love the way your kitchen sink looks. I can't wait to see your teapot collection. Don't ya just love newly painted walls? I already went to the other Beth's blog and signed up. Cool Valentine tags.

Tammy said...

I've always liked a yellow kitchen seems to brighten the space up!

I'm admiring your sink...I've never seen one built into a corner like that...I needed that in my KY house!!

Can't wait to see your teapot shelf!

Deb Lewis said...

Looks wonderful! Don't you love having the bright color? I am a "sepia" kind of person, but painted my kitchen a deep pumpkin last year - love it! Deb

Kate said...

Your kitchen looks wonderful, fresh, and a lot like the name of the paint. I had such a good time on Saturday that I was really sad on Sunday that the painting party was over and there wasn't anything exciting to do.
You are ready to become a post grad in painting, you sure catch on quick, anticipate the next ten steps and work carefully and fast. A rare combo. What's next?


Jeanie said...

Thanks everyone, for the good words! (I feared the color would be way too bright, the chip having been on my wall for two years!) Some of you have commented on the sink. I like it -- but it's really hard to have kitchen assistance (like when two people want to be near the sink!) because of the tight corner!

paris parfait said...

Sounds like you had fun painting! And the results are fantastic. Lovely and warm. Enjoy!

Rosa said...

I love that color! Great job.

Artsy Etc. said...

I love the color! Looks like we were both busy in the kitchen this past weekend! Don't you just love the results?

AnnieElf said...

Looks like you and I are both doing the same thing, giving the kitchen a facelift. I have a few posts about the project at my blog. What a job.

Your yellow color choice is really pretty. A very lovely, but not overwhelming buttery yellow.

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