Saturday, February 23, 2008

Glorious Saturday!

Some days are just perfect. So far, this is one!

This morning we woke up early and before I headed home I had the pleasure of listening to Rick practice a lovely piece on his guitar while I knit, working on my aunt's birthday shawl. It was a quiet, peaceful way to start the day.

Then I started the short walk to my house and it was unbelievably beautiful. The sky was that perfect blue and the birds were insane with song. I don't know how I've missed them all these months, but they were on a roll! I love looking at the bare trees, seeing the squirrel nests up high -- or were those leaves that never fell? Perhaps both! When I got home I couldn't resist taking a photo or two of the bird houses in the back yard.
I have some swaps due shortly and volunteered to make the bookmarks for our informal Weight Watchers group, which one receives after five pounds. So I hauled out the stuff and just started! I don't know what happened -- total abandon, perhaps? I tend to sometimes play it safer than I'd like when doing collage and often the results of my cards are pleasing but predictable. I'd like to think it is my style, but I know part of it is lack of daring! Well, this time I decided I'm using the materials I have and some I've never played with before.

Here's a table-full before the fiber tags are added. I may trim the corners, too -- but as you can see, I was busy! And having the time of my life.

I sweat to the oldies awhile, debating what my impending shopping expedition would bring. I was resolutely self-righteous in choosing not to go to a half-off sale (inventory turnover time!) at our best scrap store, knowing that I had more embellishments and paper than I can use and unless I need something specific, I'd best stay away. Then I decided to do the same with the Clinique bonus. I didn't NEED to buy more stuff for my face, just to get the cute little bag (it's not like I don't have a LOT of cute little bags!). And there were really only a couple of items in the kit that I really would have used.

So, I ventured to Michael's to buy blank cards so I could mount some photo notes for my aunt, Iris. (Guess what they photos are of... well, here are two of them!)
I found them -- and a wooden birdhouse.

I digress for a minute here, but you must visit Karla's Cottage and check out her "Bling Your Birdhouse" posts. I missed doing this challenge, but I'm doing it anyway! I couldn't resist, partially inspired by Karla, partially by the bird houses in the back yard, and partly because I was getting back bad karma from being self-righteous about not spending!

Then on to JoAnn's where they had a wonderful bird nest and some nice tin buckets that I'll look forward to putting bulb gardens in... and I thought "You'd better get out of here!"

So, in the safety of my office I blog over my great day, knowing more is to come this evening as we attend a fun fundraiser. I am SO liking this weekend!


Tara said...

Thanks for coming over to visit my blog and leaving such a kind comment!
You have a warm,cozy blog here! Nice to meet you and I'll be back!

GardenGoose said...

hey there,
glad you are having a terrific weekend. same here..finally a day of sunshine after 6 inches of rain the other day.gld you liked the moon photos. your irises are lovely.
have a great week. I'll be on the lookout for the package. :0) what fun!
p.s. the birdhouses look so nice

Artsy Etc. said...

I love birdhouses..but mine are all indoors. LOL There sure are some cute ones in shops. I looked at some at the homecenter yesterday. I really need a redwood feeder.

Beth said...

Oh,Oh,Oh, I do love those birdhouses that you have! How pretty they look in the snow too!! And those tags are awesome. I was able to do some Art this week-end and it sure did my a world of good.
Mom is safe and I am hoping that her pain will subside soon. I will write you from work tomrrow.
xoxoxooxoxoxoxooxox said...

Can't wait to see what you do to your birdhouse, hard to resist, isn't it??

Hey, I was strong and resisted the Clinque bonus too! That means more money for crafting fun!

paris parfait said...

Those birdhouses are terrific! Sounds like a lovely weekend.

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