Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Retro Cook!

Over the weekend I spent some lovely moments digging into my past – I opened my mom’s old recipe book, and poured over recipes from the 1950s, many of which were in her familiar hand. I discovered favorites from family members – my aunts Grace and Iris, Iris’ daughter Nancy; cherished recipes I recall from my grandmother; things from old friends like my elementary school friend Michele LeVett; old favorites I had accumulated over the years… it was a grand trip back in time!

Many, of course, had creamed soups. Others relied on canned ingredients, where we now substitute fresh. But it was a different era -- and I don't remember complaining about the food too much (except for the liver that even our collie wouldn't eat!).

So, I made one that I’d always liked and remembered being served for nice occasions. I’m not sure why because it was so ridiculously easy and inexpensive, it could have been an “anytime” recipe. It’s a mock stroganoff – no sour cream, so it’s lighter. And quite delicious. Try it sometime!

Mama Zean’s Beef Dish

Put these ingredients in a casserole or baking dish:

1-2 pounds of stewing beef in bite-sized pieces
1 box fresh mushroom slices (you could also mix with different types) Mix the following together (I used a whisk to get it smooth)

1 can Campbell’s Golden Mushroom Soup (of course it had mushroom soup – it’s from the ‘50s)
1 c. wine (I used syrah, but any dry red would be fine)
1 pkg. dried onion soup mix (I would go with a little less – it made it a little bit too salty, but not bad)

Pour that over the meat and mushrooms and bake at 350 for two hours or more. (I did two-and-a-half because that’s when we were ready to eat!)

Serve over noodles. I used the no-yolks, extra broad.

(Be sure to get some tasty, crusty bread – you’ll want it to get every bit of the good sauce!)

Incidentally, in our family we used to call this "Gas Cass" (which my mom hated!). However, my weekend preparation didn't result in any related difficulties!


Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

I have many of my Mom's recipes although I am not a cook.It's comforting to look at them sometimes, see her handwriting and remember the many meals she used to slave over. Recently I photocopied one of them and with that + a knife, fork, spoon I adhered them to a piece of wood I painted. The knife, fork and spoon were from the set we used when I was growing up. It makes for something I can look at daily.
I like the post title'retro cook'.

Beth said...

How wonderful to have those treasured recipes. I have alot that are in my Mom, Grandmothers, and Aunts handwriting. That beef recipe looks so yummy!!! Makes me hungry again.

paris parfait said...

Oh what fun! I came across my grandmother's treasured recipes - she had hand-written notes in the margins of many of them. So special and sentimental, like your Mom's.

Rosa said...

Ha! You crack me up! Regardless of the aftermath, I'm sure it tastes great! lol. (I'm not a big fan of the shroom.)

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