Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Fur or Foam for Me!

Art festival weekend -- it should be my favorite time of year. It wears thin! Or did this past weekend! I really shouldn't complain -- it was gorgeous weather -- in fact, really warm weather! Good for some, not-so-good for a reason you'll see in a minute!

This past weekend WKAR had a booth at the festival. This meant more or less being tied down! (I did get away for our Cork Poppers wine tasting -- more on that in the next post.)

It also meant -- especially because I got to leave early for that -- I didn't get out to much of the cool art, except for what I passed by!

But the booth was a hit. We had Word Girl, PBS' newest powerhouse series (vocabulary for kids).

We had lots of calls about Word Girl before the event. Some of the kids waited for a long while to get a hug!

Our other featured guest was "Cat in the Hat" who attracted a lot of adults who remembered the wonderful stories, including MSU University President Lou Anna Simon!

The kids loved "Cat," too, who got right down on the ground to meet them eye to eye!

It was beastly hot, no pun intended for that cat with a huge hat and furry costume and a superhero dressed in padded fleece and a big head. It is almost impossible to explain how hard the young women who portrayed these characters worked and how hot and exhausted they were.

But they were indeed a hit! Especially with me!

My view of the festival -- I saw some crowds...especially at the Main Music Stage.

Got to see wonderful Root Doctor lead Freddie Cunningham sing the blues on my way to lunch...

...and did end up with a very quick stop at one of my favorite pottery booths, colorful glazes by Alice Ham.

My favorite site of the day? This "invention" -- the doggie stroller. It's a bit of a "pet" peeve of mine that so many people bring their dogs on such warm days when water isn't easily available and the cement is so terribly hot. This woman got it right!

And then it was off to wine. But that's the story for another day!

(NOTE: Over at my book blog, Chopsticks and String, my take on the novel "Sarah's Key" is still up. Coming soon -- a more arty look at Paris, setting for that novel!)


anno said...

Cat in the Hat and Word Girl do look a little overdressed for the heatwave we caught this weekend. But what fun for all who came by your booth! A shame you weren't able to look around more; working an event is never quite the same as attending it. Sounds like a good thing you had Cork Poppers afterwards!

Sally Wessely said...

Looks like lots of fun.

Joanne Huffman said...

Too bad you had to work too much to get to enjoy more art. I had a friend who used to pick up money in a character costume at a mall and she really got to hate the uncomfortable, smelly, hot (even in an air conditioned mall) thing.

Sugar Bear said...

Ah the live of an event planner - we never get to partake in the whole thing! It looks like you made the most of it. I always thought those doggie strollers were a bit ridiculous but I hadn't thought about the hot pavement - good point!

Linda Jo said...

You and the Cat! Looks like a frame worthy shot to me!!! What fun!

Becca said...

This looks like a fun event -but time consuming and busy for those organizing (like you!)

I agree with you about little dogs at events like those. People here in Naples take them to the art fairs all the time and it's really scary. We also see those dog strollers here a lot - including in the malls!

Barb said...

You actually look refreshingly cool and very happy, Jeanie! Looks like a crowded event.

kerry said...

Well at least the sun was shining!

Sandy K. said...

Oh I so wish I could have gone this year. It's always a good time, and I haven't been so much to tire of it. I love the Seuss characters! What a great addition! Was Bob there is year?

Karen Owen said...

Sorry you didn't get to take in more of the art, but it still looked like fun. I would have hated being inside those costumes on such a warm day. I love that doggy stroller - I need one for Jasper.

Privet and Holly said...

Playing catch
up today and
have enjoyed
strolling the
art fair with
you, saying hi
to Harry and
tipping my bike
helmet to you
and your hubby
for the Ride of
Silence. My
hubby met a friend
for his first road
ride this morning,
so this really hits
home....Hope you
are enjoying some
great weather this
weekend, J!
xx Suzanne

~*~Patty S said...

Fun pics of this event Jeanie thanks for sharing...I bet the people in those costumes were roasting and that is such a shame!

We got a pic of an elderly lady with her doggie in a stroller in Switzerland...pretty cute I must confess!

Happy Long Weekend to you and yours!

beth said...

we have a dog stroller just like that, but in blue. when i'm really in the mood to walk, i let sophie walk as long as she can, and when she's all tired out, i put her in the stroller and we keep walking.....

in florida it was it holds her and all my camera equipment, along with a beach blanket and water bottles etc.

yippee for dog strollers. those who have them often have elderly dogs or are just simply nice to their pets when they want to have them with them all the time instead of leaving them at home :)

jet1960 said...

Yeah,couldn't do those hot costumes for sure! I'm too hot-natured in regular clothes, not to mention claustrophobia! Too bad you missed most of the art. That would have been frustrating, so near and yet so far!

Marilyn Miller said...

It does look like a fun event. I would have wanted my picture with the Cat in the Hat too.

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