Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Walking the "Ouch" Out

A sunny weekend. A messy garden. If the weeds don't get out before everything grows in, it will be a terrible mess and one that will never get done well.

And the next day -- ouch!

I remember those muscles -- I haven't noticed them in a long while! So, at noon I decided to walk the "ouch" out and see what was in bloom on campus.

Much of the color was already turning to green.

It amazes me that we can wait so very long and then in almost a heartbeat the color is on its way out!

Even the geese seem muted!

But that didn't mean there was abundant color.

The tulip garden behind the old intramural building was in full bloom.

Tulips -- another short-lived flower. I couldn't stop taking pictures to savor in the future -- which the way things are going could be a week or two away!

The campus takes on a different atmosphere when the students are gone -- the banks are quiet, with only a few enjoying the sun.

And they are probably employees on lunch break! But not these folks -- they're working hard to make it beautiful.

I was rather fond of this lovely tree with a carpet of purple flowers. Alas, not enough time to take a break!

Of course, there are dog walkers by the river -- and more than a few flowers there, too.

It seemed as though the only noise was that of construction...

...and the squeals of children on a field trip!

Campus surprise for the day?

A cookie club! Who knew?

My walk isn't over -- but that's for another day!


Ruth said...

The campus looks fabulous. I need to get out, but I'm not there much this week. In fact I need to do that weeding at home before the weeds are well established! In fact, I think I'm already a bit late. And so busy in the days ahead, rats!

beth said...

my muscles went ouch with all the garage sale stuff i had to move around....getting old is a pain in the neck...literally !

beth said...

my word verification was acchi which i took for achey and most appropriate !

Linda Jo said...

Beautiful pictures! should join that Cookie Club!!!!

Sally Wessely said...

Beautiful photos. I also have been saying how we long for spring to get here. Then it breaks forth so quickly and the initial burst of color is over so quickly.

The photo of the geese looks like an impressionist painting. It is so lovely.

Don't you just love walking on a campus. Our little University campus is only blocks away. It is one of my favorite places to walk.

Janet said...

You have such a beautiful place to walk....all those flowers and the looks so peaceful.

That cookie club looks interesting. You should check it out!

~*~Patty S said...

Mother Nature certainly is parading her colors...we returned from Switzerland and could not believe how things had popped and everything was such a lush lush green too
AHHH Spring!!!

Lovely favorite is the blue blue water with the Bluebells=Stunning!!!

Happy May Dear Jeanie!

Oh said...

How luscious it all is - what a grand walk. the tulips are so lush, they seem edible. Spring is literally such an awakening, isn't it? (but I hear ya' on the muscle thing - I am SO tempted to use some of that weed kill stuff and HM says no. Drat.

And the photos on your prior post are so lovely and lavender and purple. and the neighbor cat? What a pose.
Has The Gypsy seen that picture?

and what projects besides weeding have captivated you?

Arti said...


I've enjoyed looking at all your photos of beautiful blooms on this and the previous post. I particularly notice one line: " I couldn't stop taking pictures to savor in the future." How true, I've never thought of this notion before: that just like summer fruits from your garden which you'd want to pick, can and preserve so you can enjoy them in the future. You're doing that with photography, but instead of edible fruits, these are colorful blooms which you can savor in the future. What interesting parallels here!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Those are beautiful photos! Hooray for spring finally being here. :)

I spent summers in my college town (Grand Forks, ND) and always thought it was too bad that most of the students missed out on the beauty of campus during summer!

Jennifer Richardson said...

thank you
for the charming tour
..refreshed and color-splashed
I am!
So glad you get to feast
on the brightness now:)

Joanne Huffman said...

mmmm...cookies! The pictures from the campus look great. I think we're already verging on summer weather; but the spring beauty still lingers.

Privet and Holly said...

Loved walking
with you today,
J! It's cold and
grey here and I've
got on a wooley
sweater....But all
is, indeed, turning
green....primavera : )
xx Suzanne

Bella Rum said...

Oh, my gosh! This is the most beautiful post.

Maryhocam said...

While summer is my favourite time of the year, I love the Spring. When I see the new growth in the garden, and that special wonderful shade of green as the trees begin to burst into leaf, I begin to look forward. My mood and my heart lifts. Thank you for posting these beautiful photos, a real mood lifter!

Rosa said...

Beautiful spring!

shoreacres said...

I am so tired of this drought, and what it's done to our spring. It's wonderful to see so much color and beauty in your world. I'm glad that someone is getting it!

I never thought I'd like anything more than tulips,but your magnolias are just stunning.

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