Monday, July 19, 2010

Paris In July

If you've been reading The Marmelade Gypsy (or my other blog, Chopsticks and String) for awhile, you know that I have trouble resisting anything about Paris. Ever since my first trip to this astounding city a wee bit over a year ago, I have been more than smitten with its beauty and architecture, the culture, the history, the food, and anything related to it!

So, when Ruth mentioned the "Paris in July" blog event hosted by Karen and Tamara this month, I not only had to start blog hopping (dangerous at best! Oh, the things you'll discover on these links!), but participate, too. (Below, l'Hotel de Ville, a painting during its construction. This city hall and "official" home of the Mayor - who actually lives elsewhere - is a gorgeous building that houses a museum, glorious rooms and has a wonderful location just across the Seine from Notre Dame.)

We interrupt this year's vacation for a look at last year's to talk all things French and particularly Parisian. Maybe some of the pix from the trip (just humor me, OK? Pretty soon I'll stop using them!), maybe a little art and maybe a memory or two.

Actually, this comes at a rather fine time, as friends of mine are planning their first trip to Paris this fall and we're meeting to talk! So, I'll be sending them onto the Paris In July links, too!

One of the museums I most enjoyed when there (and I have to confess, until several people said "you must go to Carnavalet, it wasn't on my itinerary) was Musee Carnavelet, which is located in a gorgeous hotel particulier that was formerly the home of Mme. Sevigne.

It is a combination of artifacts, paintings and drawings, and historic room recreations that tell the story of Paris -- it's famous and infamous, it's events, and its places, including Notre Dame, below.

(And, being as this is Tour de France time, which is taking an enormous toll on telly-watching time in my household -- I'm addicted, listening live at my desk at work, then watching in the evening!), I must share this entry from the art section!

Painted by Alexandre Ganesco in 1930, this is actually not the Tour, but it is a bike race!

These are others from those galleries that I've not posted on the Gypsy before -- some wonderful etchings from the days of big hoop skirts!

I love the humor, and the satire!

There was quite a selection of these witty cartoon/etchings.

I loved them all!

Please do stop by Karen and Tamara to see the links they've posted. And don't forget to check out Ruth's Paris Deconstructed (I found this indispensible when preparing for my trip, and delightful); Peter's Paris, with a wealth of photographs and history, and Vagabonde, who writes often of her native France for more things Francais!

(And I'll have another post or two as well on this before the end of the month. And, at Chopsticks, several books related to France can be found as you scroll through the older posts!)


Herzblatt said...

Hi Jeanie
sorry that I haven`t written for such a long time but at the moment we have our grandchild with us and it is never boring with her...*lol*....
On Thursday we take her back to Berlin and we will stay two days there before we go on on holiday to the North-Sea.
I wish you a great summer time
best wishes

Joanne Huffman said...


Anonymous said...


Karen Owen said...

Love those etchings! I'm off to check out the Paris in July blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jeanie ~

Those hoop skirts are such a stitch - in every sense of the word! I've worn one only once. When I still was in grade school, our town had its centennial, and I had "the costume". The skirt wasn't fully hooped but it was close enough to make me happy - and I had a parasol to match the dress!

While I don't go all ga-ga over things French and Parisian, I must say that the development of the salon intrigues me. I think the salon is one of the best things France has given us - has a lot in common with good blogging!

Rosa said...

How fun! I love the cartoons too!

Anonymous said...

Those etchings are a hoot. Can you imagine having to wear those hoop skirts? Fun post, Jeanie.

anno said...

This looks like a great project to participate in, so perfectly pitched to your own interests and recent travels ... and what a lovely notebook you've created to contribute: beginning with that romantic postmarked stamp with the Eiffel tower that caught my eye and ending with those wonderful etchings that made me laugh. Great post!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Paris anytime is magnifique!
Those etchings are too too funny!
I believe I "met" you around the time of your trip to Paree ... always fun to visit Jeanie!

Ruth said...

Oh the Carnevelet looks terrific! I didn't know about it, and it looks wonderful, so I will have to remember it for next time (if there ever is one - feast and famine with me it seems).

Yay, Paris in July!

Tamara said...

Paris and art are synonymous and you've shared with us some great pictures representing French life.. thanks for this. I must say I didn't really get into art galleries in France until my most recent trip, but now I can imagine planning a trip without visiting the regional galleries. The French love their cycling - thanks for the Ganesco pic - very timely!

Becca said...

We're planning our first trip to Paris in October, so I'm loving all your wonderful advice :)

Wrightboysmum said...

Fab post that makes me want to be there again. Your post is the next best thing though.

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