Monday, July 12, 2010


One always hopes vacation will be perfect. And often, it falls short. Maybe not too short, but just a tad below expectations or desires.

Mine didn't! And there were fireworks to boot!

I'll have lots to share over the next few posts, but here are a few bits to get started.

The weather. Flawless.

Everyday was warm, sunny, sometimes very hot -- but with a lake breeze just outside the door, no complaints!

Even the overnight rain that left us with a few low clouds was needed, and the clouds disappeared by noon, leaving us with yet another glorious day.

And what does one do with that time? Well, I'll show some art later this week, tell you about my sock class, a fiber exhibit I visited and some fun times. I'll take you on my walk (and yes, I was very good!) And of course, food will be involved! (This is cherry-berry crisp!)

But today, a few minutes with family! One highlight of the holiday was having cousins David and Bonnie (Mama K) at the lake for a few days.

And Pepper. Sweet, dear Pepper, their dog.

Of course, Bonnie and I had to hit the Gaylord antique stores.

And we had some wonderful dinners together, seeing our other cousin, Jack, before he moves to China.

And we enjoyed the Fourth of July!

The Fourth. Which, for whatever reason in Gaylord, was on the third. At our lake, it involves the boat parade. Those of us without boats cheer on the sidelines!

I don't know which entry won, but I liked this one best!

That was followed by a wonderful dinner and fireworks. They shoot them off from the park across the lake from the cottage, so all we need to do is move chairs from the porch to the beach, sit back and enjoy.

And of course, they are beautiful!

There was time for David to fish before they set off for home. No catch this time -- but you never know when they'll bite!

On the "real" fourth, Rick and I have a tradition. He rides 100 miles -- halfway we meet at Central Lake for a picnic. This time his friend Eric joined us.

Then they were off! (Were dreams of the Tour de France in their hearts as they rode with the wind? Rick and I were having Tour withdrawal -- and it had barely started!)

And of course, one must watch the parade -- there were lots of queens...

Lots of dogs marching (Do dogs march? And actually, I think anyone could march if they wanted!)...

It seems like any vehicle can be a float!

And lots of kids grabbing for the candy tossed from floats, tractors, hay wagons, and lots of walkers!

On the way back to the cottage, I found a few good bargains -- a fiesta plate in orange at a decent price for my daily dishes, some great books to rip up for collage, including a German text and an encyclopedia, someone's button box (nothing great, but useful), and some video tapes for a quarter apiece. And I loved this little pitcher, perfect for storing my paint brushes.

Later that evening, we celebrated Bonnie's birthday...

And enjoyed a beautiful sunset from their cottage a half-mile away from ours.

Really, can you beat summer vacation for kicking around, with a minimum of schedule and a maximum of fun?

I couldn't! (the photo above is from Bonnie/David's.)

Even the Gypsy was in seventh heaven. (And might I add, he hasn't been carsick once since trying Dr. Anne's holistic flower essences for anxiety -- the road trips have been downright pleasant with no yacking cat!)

I've missed visiting all of you -- a week without Internet puts one behind. But I'll be by soon as I can to catch up!

(Over at Chopsticks and String, revisiting "Knit Two," by Kate Jacobs.)


anno said...

Jeanie, it all sounds -- and looks -- just fabulous! So glad you had a wonderful time, and glad to see you again, too!

Wrightboysmum said...

What a great post I wish I was there. I'm glad Gypsy is travelling better as well. The antique shop photo was my favourite. I wish we did fireworks in the summer rather than cold November it looks stunning.

TheEccentricLady said...

I feel refreshed just visiting your blog. We used to think we wanted to retire in South Carolina but I really don't like the heat anymore and the great Lakes are looking better all the time. Glad you had a wonderful time. BTW, I am trying an organic food with the cats and so far no throwing up!

Janet said...

It's good to have you back and it looks like you had one heck of a good time! Vacations are usually too short but now you have all those wonderful memories.

beth said...

looks like my kind of vacation !

Annie said...

I always so enjoy your lake vacation posts. There is nothing but joy in these posts. People, family and friends, meet, eat, visit, play, laugh, reminice, share - do all the wonderful friendship things that make us complete. Even Gypsy is in the spirit of things.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jeanie, this post is just delicious. I wish I'd been there. You scared me with that first paragraph. I was afraid it wasn't all you wanted it to be.
Bonnie K looks like so much fun and I loved the pitcher with your brushes, and the fireworks and parade and the marching dogs and the boat parade and all of it. Fabulous. Life is meant to be enjoyed! You seem to know how to do that.

Joanne Huffman said...

Thank you for sharing your delightful vacation.

Ruth said...

Eating al fresco, cherry-berry crisp, nothing better, especially after a leisurely day doing whatever you want. Mmmm.

jet1960 said...

Enjoyed seeing your 4th weekend! You always have a talent for telling the story with your pictures(and the words, too!). Thanks for sharing. Love the pic of Gypsy. He looks like he is smiling and I'm sure he is!

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