Friday, July 16, 2010

Art Every Day (Almost) - Part One!

Vacation. Time to do everything, right? Well, sort of right! Everything you choose to do on a given day!

I made a "rule" or goal to do art every day of my vacation. And I put out a pretty big definition of that, and some of you helped me by making it even broader than I started! I liked that!

And so, I did. Well, I think there was one day I didn't -- I couldn't count 15 minutes of knitting a scarf as art, even though I "counted" knitting. What can I say? It was a busy day and I was doing other fun things!

But yes, I did get in some time -- and here is the part of art that is NOT knitting!

I set up on my porch -- this was not an effective set up on particularly windy days (those days required painting, not cutting tiny bits of paper!)

It's a wonderful spot -- a lovely beach and lake when you look ahead, quiet on other side, as no neighbors were about (or obvious). Actually, Rick and I have different definitions of quiet -- I have a higher tolerance for boat/jet ski noise (though I still believe the only good jet ski is the one you are on at the moment!)

I'm not terribly fond of equipment noise, and I have yet to understand why people leaf-blow up at the cottage when there aren't all that many leaves. But, I digress.

Most of the time, what I heard was the lake, the wind in the trees, the sound of my ducks coming ashore. But I couldn't resist the idea of spreading out paper and images, paints and brushes and playing. No time schedule. No deadlines. Just fun.

The first day, I did little, I confess. Sitting in the sun with my very good book (which you will find discussed on Chopsticks and String and ties in nicely with the idea of art!) seemed an all too tempting thought. Especially when you don't really know how many sunny days you'll have! (And how was I to know that every single day would be glorious?).

So, I just took my pastel and color pencils, a watercolor-stock postcard and looked straight ahead. If you haven't seen this rowboat on my beach before, don't worry. You will.

The next time, I sat down to paint. I decided to paint miniatures. The first is another of my view as I looked straight out. That's the park across the lake, from where they shoot off the fireworks. This is about three inches wide or maybe less.

I had some tiny two-inch square canvases I bought in Paris. So, of course I had to make a tribute to Gypsy. I do this pose a lot. I confess -- sometimes it reminds me of when our Greg (who now is a wonderful artist) only drew cars. No. Car. The same car. Over and over. Yes, I understand.

Like that one? Hope so -- because the next day I did him bigger! And a little more "fantasy."

By then, I was obsessed with Renoir, thanks to Susan Vreeland's book, Luncheon of the Boating Party, so I did lots with little dots -- color and light.

Well, I'm no Renoir! I have no illusions about my skill as a painter or drawer, but I do have a good time! And most of these will be backgrounds for something else.

But this one sort of looks like a forest! (Truth be told, it looks better when you can't see all the canvas indentations!)

On another day, I took to tag making. And really, I cut through quite a lot, at least in terms of prep work. (And for whatever reason, Blogger is turning this photo sideways, and it's not on my computer. Argh!)

But of course, there are always supplies you know you have at home and I didn't want to "finish" with the wrong thing. So, those are in a state of "in progress." Coming soon.

And when all else fails, make cupcakes. (This is an in-progress, too! Needs more texture. More pizazz.)

Well, I did more than draw, cut, paint and glue. But the knitting and my class is for another post!


Linda said...

I love your paintings!!! You should do more of these...many more! And I love your art spot at the lake! Bliss!

Joanne Huffman said...

I love your paintings and your view and your art time. And, I'll have to go look up the Susan Vreeland book because I've enjoyed her others

Annie said...

What you have done here is what I'm still working towards in my daily life. Thanks for a great inspiration piece. I love Gypsy with a green tie.

Wrightboysmum said...

That looks like a perfect crafty spot and the work you did fab!. I do count knitting art although now I think about it I don't know why. probably as I can't knit well I envy those who can.

Ruth said...

I think it's great that you have a goal to create art every day on vacation.

As for noise, I have a very low tolerance for the boats and jet skis any more. Thankfully our cottage is on a hill a distance from the lake, which helps. I love to go to the lake during the week, when hardly anyone is around, and enjoy the QUI-ET.

Janet said...

Fantastic! I love your little paintings. And the tags look like fun, too. I'd say you managed a lot of art on your vacation.

Anonymous said...

If I tell you I love all your paintings you won't believe me. But I don't care. I love all your paintings, but especially, yum, the cupcake (more than good enough to eat!) and the "fantasy" Gypsy! I am always so amazed by art - some of you seem to be able to just "make it happen." ANd that's part of the art part, right?
Kudos! Now, get back out there on that porch!
Your midwest fan and friend,

Karen Owen said...

It looks like you had a great time with your art. I especially like the cats. There's something magical about that feline pose.

The Creek Cats said...

Love the awesome paintings! I think art everyday of your vacation is a great idea! Wish I had done that on my staycation a few weeks ago!!

Anonymous said...

Some people cannot see the wood for the trees.............................................................

beth said...

i love that you made the time to ART !
i need to do that more often....i miss it !

jet1960 said...

Love your paintings! These are so wonderful! I'm trying to come out of a slump. I have finally had some time for creating and then no motivation. Finally this past week did some simple playing with painting book pages for future journaling, worked a little on a crafty project I'm making for Beth, and today got some rubber stamps out that I'd not used yet. Hoping these simple steps will get me going again. But as for you, you go girl!!!

Rosa said...

Good for you! I haven't done a darn thing since arriving at Riverside. Love the kitties!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Noise and stinky dryer sheets wafting out of neighbors dryer vents can really put a damper on a nice sit out on the porch!
Glad you got to make art and what wonderful pieces ... lots of them Jeanie! You must be so tickled, I always feel more balanced when I've had time to create something!
Feels like I've been gone an age instead of a long weekend!

Anonymous said...

There it is, tucked right inside your entry for everyone to see - no deadlines!.

I love that part of vacation - every day is a chance to get up and do exactly what you want. You get to decide, and no one else. I still remember that - someday I'll do it again! ;)

You've read Anne Morrow Lindberg's Gift from the Sea, surely. It's the perfect prescription for vacation (and life, if you can pull it off!)

Quiltmoose - Dagmar said...

Your paintings are beautiful!! I really love them!

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