Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Boys Fish. Girls Shoot. Cats Sleep.

So what else do we do for fun at the lake?

Well, boys fish. First David...

Then Rick. Let's just say that the Otsego Lake fish population had little to fear. But then, my dad hasn't been around for a long while.

Girls shoot. (Thanks to some of you who reminded me I should consider photography of part of my "art everyday."

This is a terrible pic of my duck family, fuzzy to say the least. But I love the position!

And this is my neighbor's barn. When I was a kid (and my mom, too, for that matter), this was a stable with horses. Jim keeps "stuff" in there. He has so much stuff, he rents half my garage, too!

I can't resist wonderful beach wash-up. No, I don't take pix of the washed up fireworks!

Rick's feet. Just because.

And Mr. Gyps?

Apart from killing off two mice (good cat!), a nap is well deserved!

(New on Chopsticks and String: "The Beekeeper's Apprentice" -- Sherlock Holmes meets his match -- and she's wonderful!)


Annie said...

There is so much to see in the ordinary moments. Love the little glimpses Jeanie. And yes. Good kitty.

Janet said...

I thought you were going to tell me you were a crack shot with a rifle or something! Thank goodness it's with a camera. Great pics. Love the ducks....and of course Mr Gyps. He earned his snooze!


You "shot" some great pictures. Looks very relaxing on the lake.

Ruth said...

That middle duck looks like she's giving marching orders. :)

Rosa said...

It looks heavenly. Especially Mr. Gyp (and Mz. Bella agrees). <3 We're back in Nashville!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

your lake getaway seems so magical

I really must run and get some breakfast .. you have tantalized me here with your perfect food pics ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah, darn. I thought you were doing some skeet shooting! Tin cans on fences aren't too bad, either. Here's a story that will make your blood run cold. I had a friend who picked up six boxes of plates at a farm auction. She got them for a dollar a box. They were Fiesta seconds from the Laughlin factory - the 7" size. She discovered they worked just fine for skeet. Much cheaper than the clay pigeons, too. She had to modify her system somewhat, but they worked.

It's a wild, wonderful world out there!

I love your neighbor's barn. I could live in there ;-)

Wrightboysmum said...

Great photos and especially the mouse catcher. It looks great being up there.

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