Sunday, July 18, 2010


Northern Michigan is loaded with great antique shops. Unfortunately, most of them are not in Gaylord!

While I had some good luck junking at some yard sales, my sole visit to an antique shop happened early in our trip when Bonnie and I hit Gaylord's cramped Do South.

And the operative term here is "cramped." I'm not even sure "antique" totally applies, as it's a combination of antiques and collectibles along with secondhand things and items imported from Mexico.

This would bother a purist. It doesn't bother me.

I fell in love with this cabinet, but it was so crowded in front of it, I couldn't get close enough to see how well it was made and/or holding up. The shelves seemed solid, given all that was on them!

I loved this arch and some others like it. Don't have a spot for it. I need to find one.

Which do you like best -- the pointy one above or the rounded ones below?

There were a few quilts -- and some very nice ones.

Some interesting old kettles and pans.

A bit of packaging here and there.

No great hats here, but some were kind of kitschy, and I liked the straw carrying cases.

And this tin bunny made me smile.

But if I had to walk out with something, it wouldn't be one of the old things (except maybe that cabinet. It would be this sink...

Or this one. Can't resist the wonderful colors. And yes, no place to swap that out, either!

As we left and walked down the street, I couldn't resist this photo. At first, I really thought the flowers were attached!

Perhaps later this summer we'll get to some more spots. But for right now, I'm pleased with the Fiesta plate, books, videos and button box I found along the way. And the prices were definitely better!


  1. oohhhh! That makes me want to go antiquing! It is one of the most fun things to do ever!!!!!! Especially when a bunch of vintage photos are found!!

  2. I love antique/junk stores. It's so much fun to browse through all that stuff. Half my house is furnished with such finds. That last photo made me laugh.

  3. I'm not a purist either, Jeanie. I'm convinced I would miss way too much if I was. Love the curved windows over the pointy one.

  4. Wow! I see so many beautiful things on these pictures!

  5. Looks like a fun place to shop! Lots of cool stuff to dig through.

  6. I've just started dabbling in antique and vintage shopping and haven't decided how much I like it (I guess that depends on the haul).

  7. Oh dear, now that I've seen those beautiful sinks, my life feels drab and incomplete ... As for the curved windows vs. the pointy one ... why make choices: just get both!

    What a wonderful store -- looks like a great adventure!

  8. I say the pointy window. Are you going back to get one? I love the straw handbags! And you NEED at least ONE kitschy hat. Mine is a wide brimmed synthetic straw with blue PLASTIC sweet peas on it. I'm sure it's from the Minnie Pearl Collection (haha).

    Enjoyed shopping with you...

  9. I thought the flowers were attached too! What a fabulous spot filled with such wonderful goodies!

  10. Oh how wonderful. We would be SO dangerous together!!!! I love all the old architectural pieces!

  11. Wow- you have amazing bikes in Michigan!

  12. what a fun place Jeanie!
    we got to hit one antique/junque shop while we were away and they were having a half off sale OMGoodness ... there will be a peek at a few of the things we picked up on my T post tomorrow!
    Love the photo of the flower decked bikes on the car ... too funny!

  13. Pointed arch,
    all the way,
    Jeanie! You
    were a brave
    gal...I get a
    bit panicky
    when I'm boxed
    in close like
    this shop! I
    really love the
    last image of
    the bicycle
    and the flowers.
    Those baskets
    are amazing, but
    what a funny shot!
    xx Suzanne

  14. That photo at the end is brilliant. :)

    Those are some cool things in there. I like the shops that have all kinds of things mixed in, I'm no purist either.

    Last evening we went to hear the John Jorgenson Quintet in Old Town (FAN TASTIC), and we peeked through the windows of the antique store across the street. I have not been in there, but it looks GREAT. I wonder how the prices are, and if you've been there?

  15. You dragged home a piece of my beloved Homer Laughlin! Good for you!

    And in that wonderful wooden cabinet, up there on the top you see them? Those 6 or 8 frosted lemonades from the 1950s? I would have been tempted by them!

  16. I want it all. I swithered over the arches but actually went for the round ones and the tin bunny. Love it.


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