Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Three Whole Days...

Three whole days off -- and what to do?

I started it off by having dinner with my friends Mark and Jan, as Rick was away till Saturday.

While we enjoyed outdoor dining, one of my favorite moments was seeing all the nature popping out in their yard.

My favorites? The irises, which remind me of my dear Aunt Iris, mom's oldest sister.

I did my share of planting, too -- getting in annuals and tending to my "farm" in the front yard!

I did planting at the cemetery, too. Red geraniums, white begonias for mom, dad and the relatives.

The Gyp had fun salivating over the guest at Gypsy Rose's Birdbath Bar and Grill.

He also has a second neighbor to taunt him when Jasper takes a break! (He looks a bit like a bully to me!)

And of course there was time for reading (look for a new Chopsticks and String post in a couple of days!) and projects. I finished this purse, and another is done, save for the felting.

(The button on this is by Joanne!)

And this recipe tag book is a gift for a friend. I did a tutorial on this long ago, which you can see here.

All this, plus lots more. And yet still time to cook, to relax, to enjoy. I love three day weekends!


Annie Jeffries said...

The Gypsy looks like she has a little umbrella/hat hovering above her head. Too cute.

I so enjoyed this. Sort of magical for me and I imagine my life going in this direction soon.

BONNIE K said...

Aren't 3 day weekends lovely? I was not nearly as creative as you, but I did some gardening and contributed a corn salad to Mark's first holiday gathering. And then a major storm hit and we had water in the basement. But I feel so much more relaxed having had that extra day. Two day weekends at just not nearly long enough.

anno said...

A perfect weekend of friends, flowers, and creative projects ... sounds wonderful!

Around here, life was all about the ducks; wonderful, too, but in a completely different way.

Pugelicious said...

Three days off - lucky you. Hope you had a great long weekend.

Ruth said...

It was such a relaxing weekend for us too. Loved the thunderstorms Monday! But I felt bad for people with parties and parades.

I LOVE the purse!

Joanne Huffman said...

You certainly use your time well!

Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh. Where to begin. First, I love three day weekends too. Love the photo of the "bully" cat. He looks like one of those muscle bound guys at the beach who kick sand in the scrawny guy's face. Ha! The daises are really beautiful.

Sugar Bear said...

You had a very productive weekend! The purse is so pretty.

~*~Patty S said...

amazing what a difference an added day to the weekend makes

Love the daisies, I have always liked doodling those to dot my "i"s in my name ;)

and the irises too!

Beth said...

Great pics! Looks like you had a nice Memorial Day week-end. I am enjoying being off work right now. My last day was last Thursday. I have been trying to post in my blog but it's all so new and having problems with my pics. It's changed so much.
Hope you have a great Thursday!

jet1960 said...

Daisies are my favorite flower next to carnations. Love the pics of the cats and seeing your new creations.

ForgedinPaper said...

I love the tag book and the garden photos. I have ventured out into mine and started to make some headway in reclaiming the flowers from the weeds. And boy that cat does look like a bruiser.

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