Monday, June 21, 2010

Cleveland Cats and Dogs!

Some of the coolest cats (and dogs) I know live in Cleveland!

Meet Woody.

Woody is a player in every sense of the word!

May I recommend the soda carton as a wonderful plaything? Woody would dive in and slide!

Here's Bo.

Bo started out as the worst cat in the world, decimating a leather sofa during his first few days with his new owners.

Who could tell? He's charming and handsome!

(He loves Woody's box, too, because it keeps Woody away from him!)

Mama K readers may have met Pepper before.

She's moving a little slowly these days, but still is terribly sweet!

She may be slow, but she loves a party and greets everyone!

And here's Bing. I love Bing -- a natural blonde.

Bing loves the thrill of the hunt!

I don't have pix of Milo, Missy, Brandon and Patch -- but they're all part of the family!

And speaking of cool cats, my family is the best!


Annie Jeffries said...

Hi Jeanie. What a great way to illustrate the love of family. I adore little Woody. He's the bestest.

The Creek Cats said...

Such wonderful furiends!!

HerzBlatt said...

Most of the cats I know are lovely...Here is a very funny website about cats
I will send you an email with the address, too...please have a look...You will laugh a lot!!
Best wishes

Sugar Bear said...

Oh my gosh - adore the soda box photos. Too. Darn. Cute.

anno said...

Too adorable! (and too funny, too!) I'm thinking you had a wonderful time in Cleveland...

Linda Jo said...

soooooooooooooooo the soda box photos, too!

Ruth said...

Is Woody real? He looks like a gorgeous ceramic cat.

Joanne Huffman said...

I notice the pets get individual shots and the family is in a group photo...just saying...

~*~Patty S said...

Luvly and fun post!
We should all be as easily entertained with a humble box ... altho I must admit I enjoy wrapping paper quite a lot ;)

Rosa said...

They're all so cute, but Bo is MINE!!! TOOOO cute!! (Don't tell Bella I said so though.)

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