Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Symphony in Glass

We only had an hour -- or so said the sign at the Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids when we arrived to view the Chihuly exhibit that was spread throughout the gardens.

Didn't matter! We were eager to see the work of the amazing Dale Chilhuly -- astounding pieces of blown glass with a distinctively organic feel to it, nestled amongst the tropical plants and tulips.

We were a merry bunch, Rick, his brother Tim and Tim's wife, Kim, who suggested this field trip. It was a terrific suggestion!

There are so many images, you'd regret it if I shared them all! But here are a few of my favorites...

... Loved these, sitting in water gardens like enormous lily pads!

These fascinated me, with curved shapes that reminded me of birds.

These looked like flowers themselves, calla lilies, I think! Bright, blue and blooming!

This was an odd one -- looked like a sea creature coming out of the ground!

Up close, well -- I'll have to play with this one! Is it under the sea? A monster? Aliens?

Some were tall and thin, like narrow reeds or colorful blades of grass.

Others looked more like vessels.

This didn't photograph well -- it looked like an enormous tower of huge rose quartz pieces. But I think you can get the idea -- then imagine it about 25 feet tall!

These were in the butterfly gardens, which were pretty tropical in nature.

Dale Chihuly is a remarkable glass artist whose installations are world wide. I would suspect that this will travel to other gardens throughout the country. If it comes your way, check it out!

(Next time we'll look at some of the beautiful flowers and sights in Meijer Gardens!)


Shane Pollard said...

What an amazing exhibition!

What an art, such beautiful pieces.
The one you describe as tall reeds, I thought would have looked magical in a succulant garden, they could be tall cacti!

Great post and thank you for sharing!

Laura said...

That looks fabulous and enchanting! He was here in Chicago a couple of years ago and I did not go because I did not know what it was at that time! Ohhhh noooo! Hopefully I will get another chance!

~*~Patty S said...

I could look at Chihuly glass forever! Out in nature is the perfect setting for his wonderous creations!
A couple of years ago we saw his installations at the deYoung museum in Golden Gate Park in SF and a few also at the Legion of Honor near the Golden Gate Bridge ... hard not to snap hundreds of photos ... yours are wonderful Jeanie!

Sugar Bear said...

Very intriguing. It must look beautiful with the light hitting it just so. There are so many interesting things in MI!

Mae Travels said...

Very nice photos -- have you seen the glass collection of the Toledo (Ohio) art museum? You would like it!

anno said...

so beautiful -- just LOVE this! Thanks so much for all the wonderful pictures!

Joanne Huffman said...

What a beautiful exhibit. Gotta go sometime.

Anonymous said...
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Linda Jo said...

These are incredible!!!!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

Oh,, I would Love to see some of his work,,AMAZING! I am wanting to learn how to make lampwork glass beads,,I have seen some beautiful ones. Hope you have a great week-end!

Janet said...

Such an incredible art form! Having them displayed in the gardens is a great idea. So colorful, so graceful, so beautiful!

I love the alien one!! That must have taken forever to create!

Privet and Holly said...

I LOVE D.C. and have had the good fortune of seeing his museum in Tacoma, Washington as well as pieces in the Bellagio in Las Vegas and in the lobby of the Minnesota Institute of Arts. I think he is just BRILLIANT. Many have copied him, but he was the original in this style. What a fun way to see his work, in the garden! xx P&H

Anonymous said...

Oh Jeanie, you are so fortunate! I love Chihuly!!!!!!! Thanks you for sharing. What a fun time you must have had.
The Milwaukee Art Museum has a huge Chihuly in the entrance area - just gorgeous.

Pugelicious said...

Love the butterfly garden. One of my favourite things to collect is blown glass - I have several beautiful pieces. Just makes me feel peaceful surrounded by such beautiful colours.

Rosa said...

These are all amazing. I could sit and look at the gardens and glasswork all day. WOW! Haven't made it to the Nasvhille show yet. Have to get Beth to go with me!

jet1960 said...

Wow, very Tim Burtonish! Amazing and lovely work!

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