Saturday, May 15, 2010

More at Meijer Gardens!

Last time I shared with you the Chihuly glass exhibit at Meijer Gardens. But it would be a shame not to check out some of the colorful flowers at this wonderful spot!

Like these tulips, for example -- I love these ruffled blossoms.

This was another, somewhat different colors but still so lovely!

And for sheer tulip color, who could pass this up?

Of course, I had to get a photo of the blue hydrangea! But that blue and green is so perfect together!

The orchids in the tropical area were stunning...

...and this bud on the cocoa tree was interesting -- I'd never seen one like that before!

The tropical area also serves as the butterfly house. Most are gone now, but I did catch this one!

From damp and tropical to the desert!

And this flower was called a Pelican Flower. It's hard to tell in a photo but "in person" it looked to have a texture like a piece of fabric, maybe a printed flannel.

One of the show pieces of Meijer Gardens is the DaVinci Horse from a casting by the master. When you see it up close about the only thing that impresses is its size-- you almost can't photograph it (in an earlier photo, I think standing I was shorter than its knee!) But from a distance it stands guard and looks mighty impressive.

This not-quite-accurate or to scale version of Michigan and its lakes might have provided a nice spot to sail toy boats on a better, less blustery day!

So much beauty...

And on a mighty cold and gloomy day, this tropical garden was warm and wonderful.

The garden has a very large pond. Two geese and their five goslings seemed to be enjoying a swim.

But give me green and tropical any day!

There's a new post at Chopsticks and String -- I'll tell you about a mystery by Laura Childs.

And please stop by Unconventional Beauties, a new blog hosted by Anno. And, please join us in sharing self-portraits in words and pictures!


Anonymous said...

Your Chihuly art is so different from what he did here in STL several years ago. OMG, he DOES have a wonderful range and whimsey, too. I love the blue "thing" going through the grass.
ANd of course I'm huge fan of tulips in this entry but most especially for some reason, of hydrangeas!

I did stop over at the blog Anno hosts and what a wonderful idea. And presentation! You guys rock. (It's early, I haven't had coffee, my vocabulary is limited!)

I will revisit. Probably tomorrow. Have cleaning and then big party for HM tonight. I'm all adither! Would love to sit and write and read and write...!

beth said...

what an amazing place.....

Joanne Huffman said...

Lovely photos! I loved the tropical garden (and the butterflies were out when I went). I really should go back and walk through the gardens some day (it cries out for a picture safari day).

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! These inspire me to get over to the botanical gardens near us. There's so much beauty around, and it's easy to miss it.

Anya said...

First class pictures :)))
Love your tulips so BEAUTIFUL

Have a Happy Sunday

Rosa said...

Oh what natural beauty! Wow. It's absolutely breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for taking me on another wonderful walk, Jeanie. Ah, spring. There is nothing like it, is there? My daffs are finished, along with the red bud and the plum trees, but the woodruff is beginning to bloom, and the strawberry plants! OMG they are taking over the world (no problem with that, mind you) and the berries are as big as thimbles already! Can't wait for that first berry, warm from the early morning sun.

anno said...

Just beautiful, Jeanie. You are making a trip to GR look more and more compelling.

(And thanks for the link to UB -- would love to see everybody there. Better yet, would love to read what they have to say!)

Green Monkey said...

spectacular photos! what an eye you have!!!

Ruth said...

I haven't been to Meijer Gardens in the summer yet, just in winter, indoors, which was wonderful. I loved Chihuly's chandelier inside. I also loved the cacti, which were blooming.

The tulips really are splendid, they just fill me up.

Relyn Lawson said...

I do love a good ruffled tulip. They make me think of pretty girls dressed up for a party.

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