Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Our spring is very up and down. I've hugged my little pet therapist more than a few times in recent days.

The weather is "up." It has been beautiful -- and I'm finally feeling brave enough to put some things in the ground!

I've been feeling pretty good lately -- which means I am going to the gym! I may have talked Rick into taking a one-evening salsa class (I'll believe it when I get him in the door!). Dancing is the kind of exercise I can get into!

Greg graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design on Saturday. Three cheers! (I'll add a photo or two to this post as soon as they are downloaded!)

On the more melancholy side, I'll soon be saying farewell to my friend Jane Rosemont -- artist extraordinaire, good friend, blogger. She'll be moving to Santa Fe. Our art group said farewell to her last week and Friday was the opening for her final art show here. I'll have more on that later, too.

We're dealing with some family illness in our extended family, which is deeply distressing and concerning, so please send good vibes, prayers or wishes to us for Rick's uncle, Bob's, recovery.

And, it's Mother's Day -- a day that gives me some pause. I'm missing mom, as I always do. I think it was last year when I wrote this post -- When Mother's Day Doesn't Apply. If you're new to the Gypsy, please link!

And now, my favorite Mr. Gyps, has a blog recommendation for you:

"Sunday, May 9, is the last day to enter a at Oh Books, Oh Paper, Oh, Life! Two lucky folks could win either Peter Mayle's "Hotel Pastis" or A.S. Byatt's "Posession." Since I am a lowly cat and don't read, I can only hope my Mummy-Cat enters and wins something she can read to me."


Annie Jeffries said...

Uncle Bob is on my sidebar now. The lilac is a sure sign of continuing good weather. The therapist looks very effective.


HerzBlatt said...

I wish you a lot of warm and sunny spring days...(here unfortunately it is winter again....)
It`s a pity that your friend Jane is moving away...It`s always hard to say goodbye!!Is Santa Fe far away from where you live???
I would like to come with you to the dancing, because I also love it very much!!
Best wishes from Germany

Linda Jo said...

Jeanie, I got your beautiful card and bookmark...and adorable ATC you made! That was so sweet. You are such a treasure!

BONNIE K said...

What a great picture of your mom! I know she would be very proud of who you are!

Janet said...

Enjoy all that gorgeous spring weather....and the salsa class!

I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and wish for a speedy recovery for Uncle Bob.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

ForgedinPaper said...

I'm sending you healing thoughts and feline vibes to the Gypsy to give you a hug. It's difficult when things are changing and you don't know what's coming and I suppose that's why we need to appreciate the good things. I hope it improves soon. Your mums photo is lovely and sharing her with us is a way of honouring her as well.
Take care and we are the same with the weather but my garden is a bit more neglected. It's on my to do list this year.

Joanne Huffman said...

Sorry about the downs; happy about the ups (although, I think there's a freeze warning out now), I love the photo of you hugging your therapist.

Ravenous Reader said...

Things do feel all up and down these days...perhaps its the swings in weather that affect our moods.

Hoping for more good things for your family :)

Sugar Bear said...

We had a freeze warning last night and it is only near 60 today. Crazy weather! I want to plant but will put it off another week or so to be safe. Saying prayers for your family.

Mae Travels said...

I think Gypsy will like "Possession" -- good luck with the lottery.

anno said...

It is an up and down time, isn't it? So glad you've been enjoying lilacs, prayers for Rick's uncle Bob, sending hopeful thoughts that a trip to Santa Fe this winter is already in the works!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo of the lilacs. I realized recently I can't remember what lilacs smell like any longer - that's so sad to me! Lilacs were always the scent of spring - and new-mown grass, of course.

I'm sorry to hear about illness in your family - best wishes for increasing health. I'm so glad you're feeling good, though. You've had quite enough of not feeling well for the year, so we'll declare you off limits to the ill-health gods!

There is one more thing on the good side - that huggable Gypsy. I don't have to imagine what would happen if I tried that with Dixie Rose - I KNOW what would happen! And none of it is good.....

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