Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Colors of Spring

Today we welcome spring.

But the bulb gardens in my house have been welcoming it for a few days.

I simply cannot resist tulips, daffodills, hyacinths (even though the latter wreak havoc with allergies!)

And so, for a week or two now, I have been picking up bulb gardens at the market, just to help push the arrival of spring a little more quickly!

There is something so inviting, so welcoming about spring.

Perhaps it is the return of green to yards and fields after a long spell of white.

Perhaps it is the warming temperatures that make being outside more pleasant.

Or it could be the anticipation of shocking colors to come -- red poppies, yellow forsythia, deep lavender and purple lilacs, hot-pink redbuds, the garish array of colors that zinnias and marigolds and snapdragons will soon bring to our gardens or the showy hydrangeas providing a white anchor for all that color.

Till then, I'm content to savor the tulips in my house!

Happy Spring.


BONNIE K said...

Beautiful pictures! I also can't wait!

PeterParis said...

Yes, spring is really welcome, more than most other years!

Jane Rosemont said...


beth said...

beautiful colors....I love these !

Pam Aries said...

Nature has the best color combinations!

joyce said...

Happy spring to you too!!

Joanne Huffman said...

With the snow and dreary weather the first day of spring, the photos of your indoor garden are most welcome. Beautiful colors and rich textures.

HerzBlatt said...

Happy Spring!!! Here the spring starts with rain...but the difference is, that the rain is much warmer than 2 weeks before..:-))
Best wishes

~*~Patty S said...

The parade of spring blossoms IS most welcome isn't it ... even with allergies ... crazy how we cannot wait for spring and then ... well it too has it's side effects I guess :)
Brightest of Spring Blessings to you and yours dear Jeanie!

Unknown said...

Lovely photos. Thanks for these! We got almost 8" of snow yesterday- FREAKISH for Missouri on the first day of spring!

Anonymous said...

We're getting our last gasp of winter (we hope!) Yesterday was rain and cold, today is colder and windy as can be. But the wisteria is budding, and the Indian Hawthorne beginning to flower, and the dandelions are filling the yards!

I do miss the "real" spring flowers - forsythia and pussy willow, crocus, snowdrop and tulips. But your photos are so lovely, and tempt me to run to the store for at least one clutch of tulips.

And I love your new blog colors, too! Green is my favorite color, and combined with yellow it's perfection. It's spring on a digital page!

Ruth said...

Like forcing forsythia branches, maybe I'll do that!

Spring. Come forth. These colors you've shared are so pleasing.

Linda Jo said...

You've definitely been channeling Georgia O'Keefe lately! Beautiful!

Rosa said...

The colors!!! Oh my. At first, I thought it was a pepper. A tulip? I haven't ever seen one as pretty. Gonna be on the lookout! xo

Beth said...

All my tulips are pushing up but no blooms yet. They should be beautiful when they bloom. I Love the colors of the ones you posted.

Relyn Lawson said...

Oh my gosh!! Your tulips, quite simply, make me gasp!

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