Sunday, March 7, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole -- And a Request from Linda

I've had a wonderful time preparing tags for Karla's "Alice" swap.

We had to do six -- I think there are about 75 people participating! (Visit Karla's Cottage to see some of her tags. Beth also has some at Gathering Dust!)

But I couldn't stop. You could say I was swimming in tags!

I took a look at those on the flickr site and I am in amazing company!

I think Rick thought it was a lot of nonsense!

Nonetheless, these are a few of my favorites -- not necessarily all of which were sent to the swap!

And lest you think "I'm late," well -- I'm not! They were mailed Monday and should reach Kansas by Saturday!

Now, as you continue looking at Alice tags, here's a question and you may be the person who knows the answer. You might say I am "curiouser and curiouser."

Shoreacres wrote me: I had a jewelry making kit that had faceted "jewels" that went into "gold" settings. I loved it, and have searched and searched but can't turn it up anyone - ebay, etc. Is there a good site for finding such craft kits from the '50s that you know about? It has to be out there, and I've just missed it.

If you do, either post here and I'll touch base with Linda -- or better still goes to Shoreacres and let her know!
I can't wait to get my tag book!

Stop by my other blog, Chopsticks and String , for a look at the most recent book I've finished, "The Elegance of the Hedgehog."


  1. These are wonderfully creative and beautiful, Jeanie. You must have had a blast. And how timely for the new movie.

  2. love them and I can see how addictive they can be...

  3. Wow! Your tags are stunning!!!!! Can't wait to see what you get in return! I love making tags!

  4. Love these! I really thought about joining that swap...but didn't... got to get through the wedding stuff here first! ha!

  5. Your Alice tags are sweet and charming.

  6. These are beautiful, Jeanie, and so much fun! Who could blame you if you got a little carried away? Looking forward to seeing the book you'll get in return!

  7. Lovely lovely Alice creations Jeanie, splendid details!
    What a lot of fun, can't wait to see your tag book after the swap!

  8. All your tags are beautiful!! Everyone seems to be doing lots of Alice things just as they did with Marie Antoinette. What fun!!

  9. Love the Alice tags! I'm currently reading the new book about Alice Liddle.

  10. I love the original illustrations of Alice. Nice tags!

  11. Oh,Jeanie! Those are absolutely beautiful! I LOVE THEM! You really put so much work into them. Can't wait to see the tags you get in your book.

  12. Love them! They are all so darling and I'm sure the swapees will all adore them.

  13. Jeanie,
    I smiled all the way through this post. I do love Alice and these tags are positively charming.

  14. Hi Jeanie
    thanks for dropping by and wow these tags are great! You've obviously put such alot of time into them..they're full of glittery wonder


  15. I love, love, love the Alice tags!

  16. I saw the movie last week and it was just ace. Visually exciting. Love your tags and in craft terms you should always please yourself. So keep on making them.


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