Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Write on Wednesday: Revision Redux

This week’s Write on Wednesday prompt focuses on revising our work to make it the best it can be. I read it at a timely moment, as I took a break from revising an article for our magazine on digital television. (Frankly, that whole digital transition should be revised, but I’m grousing and I digress.)

Becca had some wonderful words on revision from many well-known writers and then asked if any of us were in the process of revisions and how it was going.

Well, apart from the previously mentioned article, revising is what I do. Revising work by others. Revising my own. And sometimes I do it with a more enthusiastic voice than at others.

The post I had about my dad’s service in India comes to mind. I had that post going in draft form for several weeks before I posted it. I fiddled with wording, flow, and just my thoughts. What did I want to say – and how could I say it in fewer words than a novella?

That’s not the first post where that has happened. After I wrote about ideas in a WOW post several weeks ago, several of you told me you would like to hear more about my friend Patricia.

Well, I’ve been working on the Patricia post probably longer than the one about Dad in India. And in that case, it seems even more meaningful. Patricia, after all, was a wordsmith, and if I am going to write about her, then I want to write it as well as possible.

The thing is, I like revising and editing. I love looking at something that’s really lacking and seeing what I can do to “fix” it – sometimes a rewrite, sometimes gentle modifications. And I much prefer having the time to do it, rather than have to rush it under deadline.

And ultimately, I find myself a far better editor than writer.

Now, if only I could “edit” my linen closet (recent site of a linen closet accident, in which a large candle fell from the top shelf and hit me on the head!) or “edit” my art supplies or book collection or CDs or…


Herzblatt said...

You are not only a great editor you are also a wonderful writer...I love reading all your interesting posts and by the way you are also a marvellous photographer !!!!
Best wishes

Beth said...

You are definetly a great writer. Far better than I am, my friend.
I wish I had half the talent that you have for writing. But I am like you I knew to edit so much in my life right now,,lol.
Hope all is well with you.

beth said...

you can write...don't kid yourself crazy one !!!

and ummm, that editing !!!
well it's going on here big time as the hubby is helping today !!

and right now I'm knee deep in the studio !!!

{my word verification today is:
rollwomp...hmmmm ?}

Mary Timme said...

I need to hire you. I hate editing and tend to do stream of consciousness writing. I do read it over once to see any mistakes, but that is about it.

Oh, I wish I were that disciplined. Today I cleaned the house, re-strained a muscle in my neck and have been a lazy bum since noon. Not very disciplined, I'm afraid.

Becca said...

Jeanie, I wish I had your editing talent available to me :) It's definitely my weak spot in the writing chain!

anno said...

Thanks for this look into your writing process, but, I've got to say, there is no good writing without excellent editing -- talents and abilities you possess in abundance! (And it's the warmth of your excellent writing that brings me back here, day after day!)

Jane said...

Yup, a longislander, all run together with an emphasis on the "guh"
But the book is a great read for anyone!
Do you get Artful Blogger? One of the women went to Italy and who took Michael's class is in the new issue twice. Her name is Karen Cole. You can link to her blog from mine. She's Artsortments

Oh said...

You have that wonderful mix of writing and photos and it is NOT that easy. As for editing, it takes a good writer to be a good editor, so don't short yourself. And look at how many of us drop in here!
And again, yes, the post on your Dad in India was excellent and the pictures, so very special.

Joanne Huffman said...

Editing is a skill that ameliorates good writing; you have both skills. And, I'm sorry to hear that a rogue candle attacked you, it obviously "turned" on you and should be cut from the house herd.


gautami tripathy said...

Editing is very important. Good you got one editor at home..

revision redux

BONNIE K said...

I will agree with the folks who commented - I think you are a wonderful writer!

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