Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Have I Been Up To These Days?

More than a few of you have been kind enough to ask me what I've been up to lately (being as my posting has been a bit less frequent)! Thank you!

And, here's a bit of an update...

My very good friend Suzanne, from Canada, came to visit (twice, actually -- before and after a road trip). I've known Suzanne since high school. (Oh, we were young then...)

Back then, we just did movies and drama together and read the same books!

Now, we knit!

So, it was off to the yarn store. (And here are the obligatory photos of yarn, because I love the colors so much, I can't stop shooting!)

And we celebrated Christmas belatedly.

We overdo. on wrapping.

A good friend is someone who can give you a Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure. And you're not insulted (because it's a little bit true, even though you only have one cat.)

And fabulous knit place mats (which I haven't yet photographed, but they are wonderful!)

And she got a purse, among other things, made by yours truly.

Of course, we always overdo on presents, too. (More to wrap and make pretty!)

But Gypsy helped with the opening. (Demon cat eyes a tantalizing ribbon!)

And helped some more.

While she was here, we went to hear Neil deGrasse Tyson speak at MSU. If you watch "NOVA: Science NOW" (the summer version of PBS' "NOVA" series), you'll know him as the host. He's also appeared recently on Leno, Colbert Report and other shows.

He's brilliant. I'm not exactly Ms. Science, but I was fascinated during his 90 minute talk and the Q&A which went almost as long (probably about a half hour or so too long..., but that was because it was getting late, not because he wasn't terrific.)

He took off his shoes, coat, and moved around the stage like a dancer as he spoke about "Footsteps on the Sands of Time." If you have the chance to see him speak, he's strongly recommended!

Finally, let me say that digital television remains the bane of my existence! A few weeks ago, I mentioned our digital television program -- well, if you have questions about DTV, it's now on YouTube. You can link to our WKAR site here -- the program is called "DTV and You" and it's in several sections.

Next post, I'll have a book report for you!


Annie said...

Jeanie - what a fabulous post. Loved the old h.s. pictures. Too cool. You have not changed a bit! LOL Kitty is so helpful. Makes me want to have a cat again but Tanner would probably turn a kitten into a toss toy. That is one GREAT action figure.

beth said...

great great yarn and what a fun time !!!

BONNIE K said...

Those presents look so pretty!

anno said...

What wonderful pictures! It looks like you've been having a lovely time -- so glad you've had this time with good friends.

paris parfait said...

Looks and sounds like fun with a dear friend! Isn't it great to have lovely long visits to catch up on all the news??!!

Joanne Huffman said...

I would have loved to go to that talk; I really enjoyed him on The Colbert Report and may get my husband his book on Pluto. Isn't it wonderful to enjoy visits from good friends!


Bree said...

What wonderful pictures. You are so creative and fun loving! They are definitely traits I wish I had more of. Those packages are beautiful. I wouldn't have wanted to open them.

OH said...

I'm waaaay behind on reading your blogs now ... drat. I love the yarn colors and think about buying yarn but then would have nothing to do with it! As for your wrapping gifts you share with friend, oh, they are gorgeous! Glad you took a picture of them.
And the high school pictures - what fun!
BTW, I am doing well with cleaning and organizing my "craft" and writing room (office.) Yup, using jars and old vases and making use of some great decorative boxes - thank you! (will take pictures if they work out.) Also, will send email about paper project "colors!"

Dawn said...

Fab to see what you have been up to - great pics of the wool, and the cat and "that" figure and all those beautifully wrapped pressies.... THANKS FOR SHARING XXXX

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