Friday, January 9, 2009

My Friend is Dean Martin!

Not the REAL Dino -- alas, he's not hanging out with anyone anymore. Maybe with that Rat Pack in the sky!

But my friend, Eric Richardson (ace actor and married to my college friend Patty!), plays him in an act! Here's the video!(I haven't figured out how to put that YouTube thing in my blog!) It's about three minutes!

Lest you think I've not been creative at all lately, here are two purses sent as Christmas gifts.

This one went to my friend Bonnie in Colorado. You can't see the button well, but it's a cat button. She's a cat-woman, too!

The hot pink is for my friend in Lin in Ohio. I love the bright colors on this one. Little bits of brights within.

The button was purchased at an art fair.

Enjoy the weekend. We have snow in Michigan. Lots of it and more to come!


BONNIE K said...

He was a good Dean! Love those purses. And the button. We are buried in snow here today.

Janet said...

Your friends are definitely lucky! Those are beautiful purses. I love that button on the pink one.

Now I'm off to see the video of your friend as Dean Martin!!

Mary Timme said...

I love the buttons on the purses! And the colors. I'm happy you seem happy today!

oh said...

How do you do it? Knit a purse? Beautiful purses, besides? I LOVE the pink with its colors and texture - and those coy little buttons.

Bree said...

Those are really cute purses. You are so talented! Jealous.

Kris said...

I was just googling knitted felted purses and hats! Your purses are beautiful.
I've been knitting mittens, for the reason you mentioned...covered in the white stuff outside with more floating down. I love knitting in the fall and winter and then leave it in the spring and summer just naturally. It never occurs to me when it's warm outside.

Beth said...

I love those purses,,you should sell those as they are beautiful.
We are going to get the cold this week but just saying flurries for us this week. Bummer. Would love to see a good snow day.

Joanne Huffman said...

I love your felted purses and the buttons are perfect embellishments.


Anonymous said...

At least use the better video! Go to

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