Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to the Workaday World

I am so not ready to pick up a normal lifestyle again. "Back to work" means "back to the rat race," with only a week till WKAR shuts off its analog signal and goes fully digital. (This happens to be the day I leave for a conference in Florida -- which may be really excellent or really awful timing!)

I was thoroughly enjoying the holidays... parties, brunch with a good friend, celebrating someone else's art, and yes, even cleaning a bit. (The operative term being "a bit").

I've blabbed on about parties and fun enough. But let's talk brunch with Jane of Jane of the Jungle. She attended Jane Rosemont's photographic seminar in Italy last September and I was able to see her photos, talk art and photography and enjoy brunch.

We split a quiche and I enjoyed hot chocolate, while Jane had a coffee.

Chappelure is a new bakery/coffee shop and it has pastries to die for. Excellent food and absolutely stunning baked goods.

Like this one -- it's art.

Or this one.

Or this.

How about this?

Hungry now?!

On Sunday, Rick, Greg and I went to see the opening of our friend, Michael M. Smith's art show.

I met Mike years ago as a photographer who did covers for my magazine. He, in turn, introduced me to his wife, Kate -- who has become the best art buddy (and fellow foodie) you could ever know!

Beautiful work. See more at his website!

And then of course I scanned pictures, since when one gets a scanner, scan one must! Here are a couple I liked...

Yes, another Christmas memory. Well, memory isn't quite the right word -- I don't really remember this photo being taken or even being this young! But I love the beautiful tree in the background and the faded nature of the photo.

And this -- how come I look so happy in the snow? I remember this day -- I was in second grade and we had a snow-day.

Someday I must make up a story about that photo -- I'm not sure what it will be; certainly not real-life, which was pretty boring. Play in the snow, come in, go out, come in... But I'll think of something!I do remember that white jacket, though. I loved that one!

So, tonight I will take down a few more decorations -- swap out the Christmas china, perhaps. Prep for a workshop I'm doing tomorrow. Having finished off the last of the potato fennel soup and pita chips I did this weekend, I am more ready to curl up with a holiday book than take down decorations... we'll see.


Becca said...

I think you're wise to head for Florida just before the "digital transition"! And leave your cell phone at home :)

That pastry looks remarkably delicious. It's a good thing I'm an hour away from Lansing.

robin bird said...

oh bummer...for one wee moment i thought i would be the first commenter. too slow on the uptake. but i wanted to read every word of this post jeanie. for one thing i want to hear more about that story line you are thinking about. you know how it was in second grade...everything that didn't make you MAD made you HAPPY :) the most appealing food photo is your very own yummy looking hot chocolate. it looks amazingly delicious! good photo too :) you have so many, many friends. this will be the blessing of all your years of working. not the time lost but the friends and experiences gained. i SO know what you mean about returning to the world following the holiday. i love my time at home.


Anonymous said...

the conference in FL sounds perfect - perfect timing weather-wise anyway! Loved the bakery, went back for a second look at the creation topped with caramel (or butterscotch) and open Oreos? I dunno. But I know it tastes great.

This entry was jam packed with stuff and I had read too quickly (because I'm "working" ahahaha - and have to finish a paper tonight) but always glad to stop by and see some Marmelade "dazzle!"

BONNIE K said...

I'm supposed to be working this morning at home, but it's not working (so to speak). It's much more enjoyable to gaze longingly at this wonderful food you have photographed.

anno said...

I'm in agreement with Becca: your plan to be in Florida just before the digital transition sounds brilliant. And that pastry does look awfully delicious, but my thoughts are, "hmmm... just an hour away..."

Count me among those who want to read any story you want to write. Good luck today!

Bobbi said...

You made me hungry!!!

I love the old photos - wonderful! Have fun in Florida!

Sugar Bear said...

Well I am just drooling over the treats! I think it sounds like being away during the big switch will be a good thing!

Naturegirl said...

Jeannie that hot chocolate is what this girl needs right about now!
What a sweet girl sitting on a snow bank!She probably will make snow angels or slide the tobaggen hills!

Mary Timme said...

That is what I'm doing this evening too. Curling up with a book. Yummy looking baked goods!

Joanne Huffman said...

You're right; your photos made me hungry. I hope you have a wonderful time at your conference.


Fifi Flowers said...

YUMMY treats!

Herzblatt said...

Yes, a scanner is very useful....I know that, because I didn`t have one...*lol*...
I love your pictures of your childhood very much.

jet1960 said...

Have fun in Florida! Wave as you go over Alabama! What a great time to get a break from snow!

Love the photos of you when you were little. Scanners are a great thing. I'm lost without mine now and have many photos that I need to get scanned sometimes.

Annie said...

Hi Jeanie, The bakery display case is to die for. For a moment I thought I was just down the street at Olde Tyme Pastries, here in town.

Janet said...

Ok, now I'm hungry for pastries!! Thanks, Jeanie!

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