Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Write on Wednesday: Fresh Start

Becca's Write on Wednesday is back! If you're not familiar with this site, stop by. Our muse, Ms. Becca, offers not only a wonderful post on the topic of the day, but gives her followers a starting point so we can share our thoughts on the topic.

Today she asks: How about you? What fresh new ideas do you have for your writing?

As the new year has started, I've been woefully neglect in establishing "resolutions," though I do have some goals I haven't quite written down. But one is to do more "writing for me."

I mentioned in an earlier post that Rick gave me a scanner for Christmas and I've been scanning photo after photo -- mostly family pictures, and those of some good friends. It's not surprising, then, that looking at these photos offers some thoughts for writing topics.

I showed you the little girl on the snowbank a couple of days ago -- here she is from a different view. Definitely a story there.

And what's going on here? Oh, I think there is mischief afoot. (This is my cousin David. Since my cousins call me "Deet," the photos of us together I call the "Deet and David" series.)

And this one... a boy and a car. Where was he going? And why?

And then there are the Patricia stories -- my dear friend who died several years ago, but whose influence on me was powerful and lasting. There are stories about or inspired by Patricia that need to be told.

There are more -- the tale of the Giant Gingerman, the Sisters (my mom and her siblings), The Snowflake Angel -- all of these need to be something more than a jumble of thoughts, even if they go nowhere further than a file in my computer.

And then there's Rick's annual poetry book -- always presented on Valentine's Day. And time is running out.

So, I think my ideas are getting in order -- a fresh start! Now if I can just put them in the queue with all the other things (like taking down Christmas, for example!)

What about you? Do you have a creative fresh start in view?


Becca said...

You've got some great fresh ideas going...and I do want to hear more about your friend Patricia.

anno said...

These sound like great stories, Jeanie, and I would love to read them. As soon as tv goes digital and you return from your conference, right?

Bobbi said...

Cool pictures! Great post!

BONNIE K said...

This was timely. Cause I did a post on my grandparents and sent it to my siblings and cousins. And they sent me emails with their memories, and it just got me thinking about the different recollections we have of the same events, and how different parts of the same event stay with us. I thought about a story about one event and how it was viewed differently by everyone.

Mary Timme said...

I will not put anymore pressure on myself and that is sort of a resolution although I think of it more as a lifestyle decision! I am drawing something everyday if I can. On the days I can't get to it--oh well! Life just doesn't usually let us do something everyday! And carrying my new small camera is sort of a decision. Now, I just have to remember it. Sigh!

Anonymous said...

Jeanie ~ What an inspiration! I have boxes and boxes of photos, and a scanner. I've only needed someone to put the possibilities in front of me, and you just did! But I'd better not get too enthused before I get my own post up, right?

Linda said...

Go look at my fresh start!!! It's a new year and we are in it aren't we!!!

Bonnie K said...

Hey I'm Bonnie K. as well. How unusual to see my web name in your comments list.
As for your post, loved to connection of word and image. I am also a lover of the combination.

gautami tripathy said...

Love the pictures and your thoughts too!

sSetting about a routine

Shelley said...

Wonderful post. You always amaze me. The scanner is a cool gift. I need to use mine more. Have a great Friday.

Jeanne said...

I love your photographs and you.
Love and hugs

Qugrainne said...

Your photos are wonderful, Jeanie. I can see how they will inspire you to write stories.... taking off with the facts and then maybe turning to fiction. Great prompts! I will have to go through my photo box, too. You are great inspiration for getting that organized. Thanks!

Joanne Huffman said...

You are overflowing with great story ideas. It's so cool that you have all those wonderful pictures, too.


robin bird said...

well yes and no.. i have some ideas and i have written them down but i have all these addendum's to add...which i have not done and you know how it is.. i think of something else and i mean to write it down so i won't forget it but i don't and then i get all anxious because i can't remember... sigh... the new year is exhausting! i also have a little used scanner and many photos that would be lovely to see and post.. i am inspired by your titles for jeanie story time and i am looking forward to hearing the deet and david stories, the patricia tales and the giant gingerman adventure!

jet1960 said...

Love the purses! Very pretty! Also love seeing the old photos!

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