Saturday, December 6, 2008

Vegas Six! Home Tonight

We'll be home tonight! Meanwhile, imagine us having fun in the bright lights of Las Vegas...(at the Wynn)...

And shopping at the Venetian! (Or simply enjoying the sheer magic of the holidays with their displays!)

And admiring the gorgeous poinsettias in the Bellagio conservatory.

This month will be my first blogging anniversary -- it is December 18! So, I'll be having a celebratory drawing later in the month. (Probably December 31, but I'll let you know if it changes!

Any comments left on The Marmelade Gypsy will be entered to win a packet of prizes -- I'll post them when I decide what they are!

Comment on every post and your name will be included multiple times!
Another reminder for new readers -- my series on grieving continues on Chopsticks and String with part two, Getting Through the Holidays.


anno said...

The lights are beautiful, but those flowers completely swept me away! Looking forward to your return!

oh said...

Great picture of you and Rick - what fun for you, and especially this time of year!
Bet you'll glad to be home, though, too!

BONNIE K said...

Sounds like it was a nice trip! Now you can get ready for all your christmas stuff!

Linda said...

Ohhhh wow! I need to go there soon.

Anonymous said...

Trips away are fun, but there's no place like home!
It is amazing how festive Las Vegas can be - without snow. It is dang cold here.
Happy Holidays!

Beth said...

I Love the flowers,,so pretty.
Hope the trip home was fast!

pochp said...

Those flowers are awesome!

jet1960 said...

That is a great photo of you two! Glad you had a good time. Wow, lots of flowers!

Dawn said...

Jeanie I can't believe you have only been blogging for a year.
Flowers are gorgeous, I love poinsiettas.
I have actually missed visiting your blog and will make sure I stay up to date

Best thing is the friendship we have got out of this big hugs xxx

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