Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Out and About in Las Vegas!

It's all here except the snow -- and you can even find that in the displays!

Personally, I thought these knit trees and reindeer took the cake in the holiday window category!

I found myself walking about and taking photos of everything -- even myself!

And what is that mirrored wall? Ta da!

The Venetian is lovely -- and we were lucky to be passing through the courtyard where a Renaissance group was singing holiday songs.

Caesar's Palace was pretty opulent -- outside...
And in...

And I was actually a little lucky at the slots (I never spend much, pennies and quarters at the max!) Rick made fifty cents on his son's dollar! (Then Kevin asked him to try again -- and we lost it all!)
And don't forget to look up -- or you might miss the Chihuly ceiling at the Bellagio!

More to come! Don't forget -- comments will be entered into my blogaversary drawing!


  1. Those are some amazing pictures! Looks like you had a blast! You have really lost alot of weight too. You look so good and so happy. Greg is still in my thoughts and prayers every day.
    Oh,,I sent your ornament yesterday. I hope I get yours today,,my mail has been really slow.

  2. Looks like so much fun! I still haven't gotten out to Vegas. Someday...

  3. Oh my! That looks like so much fun! I love the one of you and Rick.

  4. I love those pictures of you in your pink shirt -- that color makes you glow prettier than anything in Vegas.

  5. thanks for all your kind comments at my site ~i really like the LV images I have never favorite were the fabric trees!

  6. I LOVE those sweater trees- isn't it nice that you can window shop with your camera for free, cause I'm guessing most everything had a pretty pricey price tag.

  7. Of course, I LOVE the Chihuly! OH my! I saw one of his pieces at the Victoria & Albert museum in London. sigh. It all looks so festive. Fa la la la la!

  8. Chihuly? No way! That man's art is getting around. Love the ceiling. He did an installation here in St. Louis at the Botanical Garden. Strange and wonderful stuff, and left some of it behind for the City to enjoy at every visit.
    Now that's art.
    PS love the Renaissance singers and yes, the knitted reindeer!

  9. WOW, pictures are amazing. Vegas really goes all out for Christmas.

  10. The knit trees are way cool. And, I love the mirrored photo of you and your camera.


  11. Are you looking Jeanie - can you see the shade of green I am looking at all your wonderful Vegas pics, one place I want to visit during my time here lol
    Love the one of you at the mirrored wall x

  12. Love the pic of you in the mirror wall! You are such a creative photographer!!!


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