Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

He's a right jolly old elf! Sometimes cute, sometimes magnificent, sometimes cheery, sometimes mystical. Here are a few of my favorite Santas.

This one reminds me of my grad school advisor. I simply adore this one.

Speaking of jolly... now THIS is jolly!

This one looks quizzical and magical.

While this cute little guy, about an inch or so round, is an old ornament I remember from my childhood.

Here's another ornament. I like his old world style.

This wooden one strikes me as very rustic, very mystical.

While this handcrafted Santa with a velvet and fur robe seems rather elegant.

Another wooden one. I like his style!

This fellow's beard has a fabulous texture.

Don't forget to enter the blogaversary drawing. Here's the prize -- a felted bag (with a few extras within).

And to see it to scale, my model!


  1. You must have the most festive looking house!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a fun bunch of Santas. I love the beard on the last one. There must be lots of presents under your tree, with all of those Santas visiting.
    Isn't holiday decorating fun!?

  3. Definitely Santa magic going on at your house! I think the one in the stripes looks like he's been into the liquor cabinet! Those cheeks are awfully rosy!

    No, really, that is a wonderful collection.

  4. So many Santas! I love them all, and maybe especially your wooden ones. I hope they are bringing you many gifts and great joy this Christmas!

  5. Are the Santas all yours???? Do you collect them???? What a wonderful collection....I love them all ....have you got a place for every of them???
    But I think there is a lot of noise when they are all flying through your chimney....*lol*..

  6. What wonderful Santa's!!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. What a great collection of Santa's you have and all so different. I kinka like that funny little second one best. He's like a impish Santa elf. And a drawing??? Well, heck yes, I will jump in and enter. How did I miss that?

  8. Those santas are gorgeous!
    And I love the felted bag!!! What a wonderful give-away! Glad I already posted a few times ;-)

  9. Oh my! You DO have a lot of trees. They are BEAUTIFUL. I left you an award on my blog! Merry Christmas.

  10. Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing!


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