Friday, December 12, 2008

Downtown -- Where all the lights are bright!

Downtown Las Vegas. Long before there was the Strip, there was downtown. And, in recent years, a section of it has undergone a renovation, making it the place to be.

It's glittery, it's gaudy, it's beautiful in its way!

Lots of casinos but with a totally different feel than the Strip. Less elegant. Grittier.

The place to be for people watching... The Single Action Shooting Society was in town (and staying in our hotel). It was like High Noon or Oklahoma meets Guys and Dolls -- these folks are very accurate in their period dress. And, they wear it everywhere -- including downtown!

And then of course, the fleet was in!

And Santa was there, too, in his motorized wheelchair. He made lots of friends -- fast!

We didn't shop, but the store windows were decorated!

And the neon kept calling our name!

The big deal is the overhead light show that happens on the hour.

Look up -- images and music dance above!

We heard tunes by George Thurgood and Queen. All were illustrated in the lightshow above.My favorite casino downtown was the Golden Nugget.

They had an outdoor aquarium and sunning deck (but we were there in the evening!)

Lovely trees -- understated elegance and a big departure from the other casinos in the area!

Suzanne and I couldn't resist trying to capture ourselves in the mirrored ceilings -- with somewhat blurred results!

And for Suzanne and Jim, the former Vegas residents (well, Suzanne for a long while and Jim somewhat more briefly) a walk down memory lane!

That's it for Vegas, except for some upcoming Pink Saturday posts! On to the holiday decorating, recipe favorites and more! That's next week.
Meanwhile, don't forget about the blogaversary drawing later this month!
Oh, and the next article in the series on grief, Grieving and Kids, is now up at Chopsticks and String.


JessInFocus said...

To be honest I never had an interest in going to Las Vagas, but with your posts and pictures I want to see it now. It looks so interesting. So different than anywhere else I've been. I love to people watch too.

Anonymous said...

The lights! Vegas owes you a big hug for making a lot of us want to go there - now!
The aquarium is awesome and quite a surprise to find in the midst of the glitter and dance.
I'm so glad you travel with your camera!

Sugar Bear said...

Check out those Vegas lights! Santa must be resting up before his big night.

Sugar Bear said...

Check out those Vegas lights! Santa must be resting up before his big night.

Jeanne said...


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

WOW! Those lights!!!! Santa's sure not to miss that place when he flies over! LOL =)

Rosa said...

I like the glitz and the glamor! How fun. Love the picture of you and your friend!

jet1960 said...

Now, that is more like what I was picturing when I thought of Las Vegas, though I did know from family and friends that have been in the last few years that certain parts were uptown or even more like Disneyworld-like with shows, etc. Thanks for taking time to share your photos.

Unknown said...

I love your people parade! Santa is a hoot! And I just love the "old" Vegas's neon! You caught the essence of Vegas for sure! Thanks for the trip!

And Happy Blogiversary!

Joanne Huffman said...

Years ago when I went to Las Vegas I thought that if I ever returned, I would like to stay downtown instead of on the strip. It looks like great fun.


Glennis said...

First time I ever went to Vegas was at the Golden Nugget - I love that end of town!

Haven't been back in years and years. Maybe I should plan a trip!

Seams to Sew and Quilt said...

Love Las Vegas and that pink tree and pink globes are wonderful. Happy Pink Saturday.

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