Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holidays with Family and Friends!

Before signing off for the new year, here are a few favorite moments from holidays with family and friends! (In no particular order!)

Of course, celebrating with Rick and the kids was the best! (And I got a scanner -- I couldn't believe it!)

One of Rick's gifts was a painting (a painted notecard) by his cousin Andy, who died this fall. She'd sent it to me years ago as a thank you note; it got where it belonged.

Of course, there were cookies, decorated with care on Christmas Eve. (We also watched old home movies of the kids -- long before my time!)

And we enjoyed lots of good laughs.

Of course we took memory photos. (I feel like a dwarf here!)

Don't think we were the only ones who opened things. Could one not give a present to this boy?

On Christmas Evening my friend Richard stopped by for dessert! He has worked with children at a local elementary school in cleaning crystals to sell. All profits go to the food bank, and they have made around $1,700. And, the kids have learned a valuable lesson in volunteering and thinking outside themselves.

I enjoyed good times with lots of friends. At my pal Judy's (of Winter Ramblings), we celebrated on Boxing Day, along with Judy's daughter Jenna, Erik and the dogs!

Judy and I go back a long time!

On Saturday, we celebrated with friends Mark and Jan. Each year we pick a Christmas song and base our gifts around that theme (like "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" or "White Christmas"). This year we chose "Dysfunctional Family Christmas" -- a medley from the "Saturday Night Live" days, circa Phil Hartman. You've got to know the songs in the medley to really appreciate this, but Jan broke the whopee cushion when she sat on it. Here they are enjoying the "Dysfunctional Family Fun Book."

On Sunday, we enjoyed a wonderful brunch with our wine group. Here are the women!

Barb's breakfast was to die for! The appetizers and desserts were nothing to pass up, either! The guys watched the Lions lose (again) while I learned euchere. Then I got to come home with this one!

And what did I come home to? You guessed it!

Gotta love that face!

I'll have the blogaversary drawing sometime after midnight and post the winner soon! Good luck to everyone and thanks for your visits and comments during my blogaversary month!


Anonymous said...

It has been so much fun, peaking into all the events of your year. I hope the new year brings you more time with your wonderful friends and family, travel, time at the lake, and quiet times with the sweet Gypsy!
Happy New Year Jeanie.

Laura said...

Wow!! Looks like you had a ton of fun this Christmas!!! So glad to see all of the happiness and that darling kitty!!!

May 2009 bring you all good things!!!!


BONNIE K said...

I remember you telling me about framing Andy's artwork - it looks so nice. And those cookies look amazing - I almost forgot you have an artist in the group! And I want to know - did Gypsy get the x-mas present that Bing, Milo and Missy sent?

Joanne Huffman said...

great photos - my mouth is watering over the plate of cookies.

Happy New Year!


jet1960 said...

I agree the cookie look yummy! Enjoyed seeing all the good times with friends and family and then Mr Marmelade is so handsome!

Shelley said...

What a jolly bunch you are! Love all the festive hats and smiles. Gypsy looks dashing too. Happy New Year, my dear friend. I'm still enjoying my vacation!


paris parfait said...

Love these photos - everybody looks so happy and festive! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas and hope the new year is good to you! xo

Judy Winter said...

We DO go way back and what fun times we have had! And neither of us looks a day older, either!
Happy 2009 good buddy!!!


Nathalie Thompson said...

How have I NOT visited you this month? I almost missed your blogiversary completely! Happy, Happy Happy!

I am not a cat person, but I can't resist your marmelade kitty. He steals the show!

Yolanda said...


oh said...

Happy New Year, Jeanie!
How wonderful to have met you this year in Blogland and have you as a friend. I love your pictures here - your friends and family and your Guys - and the darling Gypsy! (would he cringe to know I called him "darling" - but he is!)

Enjoy the evening, and ringing in the New Year, and hugs to all! And we are all looking forward to a rockin' new year!

Jen Stone said...

Hi Jeanie! Happy New Year from Bob and Jennifer Stone and Kids (from Columbus). We loved seeing your blog. You are so creative! When I told Kate we were looking at your blog, she got so excited and squealed "When can we see Jeanie again!!!!". It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with great cookies! We hope to see you sometime in 2009. Give Gypsy a good scratch from us.

Becca said...

Thank you for sharing all these lovely holiday moments and memories! I feel almost like part of the clan :)

How lucky you are, to have such a warm and wonderful family and extended family.

Susie Q said...

Look at that sweet face Gypsy has!!
A certain kitty had a very merry Christmas!!

What a special holiday all of you had. Gosh but you are a beautiful lady!! Your smile is so bright and warm!

I loved looking back at your 2008...such sweet memories for you all.

Happy New year!!


Bree said...

Jeanie, you look to be the happiest person on the face of the planet. I wish I could bottle some of that, I'd make a fortune!

robin bird said...

like i said earlier you have so many loving friends! aren't they lucky to have you in their lives too! not to mention that little orange one with the funny face.. i mean handsome face!! sorry gyp.

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