Saturday, December 22, 2007

Quick Question to All

No matter what I hit on the Comment page to enable comments, for some reason, no "comments" area is showing!

Anyone else have that problem? I checked Blogger Help and some others do too, but no answers other than changing the template... I hate to do that!

Any suggestions most welcome! I love comments (and would love to reply!)


Jeanie said...

I don't understand this, but I must have changed something... don't let me near any programming this for something that might matter in the scheme of the world!

Shelley said...

Its under your settings. You seem to have it cleared up now. I tried to comment yesterday and couldn't. But its "all better" today.

Rosa said...

hehe, you'll have lots of little mishaps before it's all said and done. The most important is to copy your html code over to, say, a Word file, and save it. That way WHEN you lose it (and we all have lost it--more than once), you'll have a backup. Comments seem to be up and working! Yay! It makes it sweet when things start working again.

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