Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jolly Holidays!

What a lovely time we enjoyed over the holidays! We did all our favorite traditions and foods. Roast on Christmas Eve (followed by "A Christmas Story," an annual TV ritual!

Greg arrived around 10, and we immediately set him off on decorating the tree -- we had saved his ornaments and a few others, so he could join in, even though he missed the original trimming (and straightening) of the tree!

Cookie decorating was next -- we do this every Christmas Eve! It's been fun to watch the kids' cookies become more sophisticated. (Especially Kevin, who use to find cookie decorating the best occasion for seeing how many he could overload with frosting and eat! Now he's really making some nice cookies!

Christmas day was filled with presents, our annual breakfast (a breakfast casserole -- so easy to put in the oven while present-opening is going on!) and "Reindeer Games" -- a dice game where we have fun presents we get with doubles (or trading and swapping!).

The kids were so grown up this year, with real thought into their gifts and for once everyone seemed to get the perfect gift from someone (or someones plural!)

After the kids left for their mom's, Rick and I enjoyed yet another Christmas dinner ourselves, joined later by our friend Richard. It was a beautiful day.

My favorite moment? When Rick and the boys went down the street to take their eighth-grade English teacher some Christmas candy. He was surprised, I think, to see these young men, 19 and 21, on their new paths.
What a a perfect day (actually, a perfect two days -- and we won't even talk about hitting Coldwater Creek's sale on Christmas Eve!!!)

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Shelley said...

What a fun holiday. I love Christmas cookies. Still munching them. Glad you had a great holiday.


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