Thursday, July 22, 2010

All Things Sporting

Today is Rick's birthday. Double Nickels. 55. Stay alive.

Tonight we'll celebrate with our annual bike-ride/cook out. I shouldn't say "our" bike ride. He rides. I cook. And he brings back his biking buddies to enjoy burgers, salads, cake and all.

So, I thought I'd include some of my favorite Rick pix from vacation -- when it comes to all things sporting last week, it was mostly him being sporting! And a few from Paris, as I share another of his talents!

Now, he did most of the sport at the lake (Well, I did walk and swim!)

And of course, that sport is the bike. We have been totally immersed in Tour de France over the past couple weeks.

We missed many of the opening sprints during our vacation, and finally broke down on the last night to go to Big Buck Brewery and take a table in front of a telly with the Tour!

Sometimes I think Rick is doing the Tour every time he rides. Not the mountains -- none of those here. I envy the dedication, the drive, the physical stamina it takes to dedicate yourself to a sport so wholeheartedly.

But then, everything he does, he does that way. His work. His guitar. Biggest mistake I made last year during my trip to France was to buy him guitar music I hadn't heard.

I went to the music district, near Gare St. Lazare, where there was one instrument and sheet music shop after another on Rue de Rome.

(Gare St. Lazare was painted by Monet, and it was great fun to see both the "real" thing and his version in Musee d'Orsay. The area was a short walk from the Opera House and some of the more elegant Parisian department stores. Ah, a good day!)

He had mentioned a particular publisher whose house used to be on that street and wanted photos. Here's one of the front door. I stood in the middle of a busy street to try and get them, and after nearly getting hit, decided an off-kilter look wasn't so bad!

When I found music in a shop by that publisher, I grabbed it! Perfect gift!

It's the most discordant thing I've ever heard. I love classical music. Melodic classical music -- not so much those with complicated harmonies. This doesn't cut it!

(I will say, it's sounding better -- and when he described to me this past weekend that this is the music he hears in his head when he rides, and why, I could see the narrative and liked it a little better!)

But with dogged determination, he has been practicing it. He tries to practice an hour or two a day, and at the lake it was two.

(Still, I'm glad I also bought him another book of something more "traditional!")

Rick and I have been together now since 1996, and known each other longer. Every year I am more grateful to his mom and dad for having this first of many. He's shared his boys with me -- his young men, I should say. He's shared his life with me. We're so different, but it works.

Stay upright this year, Rick. That's my birthday wish for you. No more neuro-ICU -- this year, or any other. Ride far, ride fast. And keep coming home!

Happy Day!

(Coming next -- another "Paris In July" post!)


  1. Happy Birthday to your Rick. He's got more energy than I have, that's for sure!

  2. What a joyous celebration of your comfortable love for each other. Life doesn't get much better than this.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday to Rick. What a charming post you've written about him!

  4. Looks like a great time was had! Happy Birthday to Rick...a little late!

  5. i'm a day late...but happy birthday rick !

  6. What a wonderful way to celebrate your man. Great post, interwoven with memories of Paris and the tour de france. Sorry for not visiting earlier, welcome to Paris in July.. This weekend is a big one. We're visiting with other cycling friends so we can all stay up late to catch the time trials and then the final day into Paris. 2010 has been a great race to watch!

  7. Since 1996... that's a long time! Congratulations!
    Happy Birthday Rick :)

  8. Happy Birthday - and happy bike ride and bbq! Wow, J, what a beautiful post, from the gorgeous pictures in beloved Paris to the pictures of Rick jetting by on his bike to the wishes you express! Salutations to one of the coolest couples I know, virtually!
    oh yes, and a pat on the head for the Gypsy, as always.

    PS I'm going to do what you did today, after I shop and clean. I'm gonna dump out some of my "paper" stuff here on this craft table and make something. Stay tuned.

  9. oh my, I'm late (ok, I thought I had already left a comment) Just loved this beautiful tribute; perfect pictures. Belated wishes for a wonderful birthday! Hope you're planning to celebrate the entire birthday week!

  10. Belated birthday wishes to Rick. I have to say it sound sa great way to celebrate your birthday though doing what you love and spending time with those you love. Take care.


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