Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bushy Is Back!

The other day, Bushy the Squirrel shimmied up the bird feeder pole, smack in front of Gypsy who hissed at him.

He shimmied down quickly.

He's back. And the gig is up -- he knows he's safe!

And he's bold.

I went right outside and while he looked up...

...he didn't shy away! He just let me shoot while he ate...

...and ate...

...and ate.

...and ate.

Gyp needs to sharpen up his act.

Or else his bird friends aren't going to have much left for them!

(Note: There's a look at "American Eve," the story of the Evelyn Nesbit/Harry K. Thaw/Stanford White trial on Chopsticks and String!)


  1. Your photography is fabulous! ~Dusty

  2. Those squirrels KNOW when they can graze without impediment or interference. -- sometimes I think they delight in taunting their caged-in predators ... not Gypsy's fault at all.

    Or maybe this squirrel was just enjoying its moment in front of the camera!

  3. Cheeky little guy. He's telling Gypsy what's what. So sad, Gypsy, but somehow I think that squirrel could make mincemeat out of you. I'm glad you are safe inside.

  4. great shots. He's definitely smirking.

  5. Fabulous pics of your "pet" squirrel LOL! Love them!

  6. You forgot to mention how CUTE he is!
    YUP they do get tame when we feed them regularly...the birds share with them you know!Gypsy could have told you that!
    Great photos!

  7. THESE are amazing photos!
    I felt like I could absolutely
    reach out and touch this cute
    I have collected squirrel stuff
    since college, as that was the mascot
    of my sorority!
    This is a really cute example
    of Skurios....Latin for squirrel : )
    xx Suzanne

  8. He is one, chubby squirrel! Happy summer Jeanie - hope you have a great weekend at the cottage...

  9. Wow! You got some great shots of that squirrel!

  10. thank you for your kind comments about the Gothic Arch eBook...I hope you will continue to enjoy it! Nice to meet another Michigander...we recently moved to the Brighton area (I am a born and raised Ann Arbor girl)...
    Loved the photos of your kitty and the squirrel. Our pets (a boxer and two kitties) are also loving all the squirrels and chipmunks in our new home. We even have a baby squirrel that comes to the feeder...darling! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  11. OMG, this is great. I know the squirrels are rascaly-rascals but honestly, they are hilarious in their way and so darn persistent.

    This is one cheeky fellow, posing for you like this.

    Poor Gyp - he's gotta be beside himself with this invader on the other side of the glass!

  12. I'm laughing at Bushy he's as bold as brass. Poor Gypsy! I didn't realise I has missed so many posts. The last month of school is always frantic. I'm on holiday now so can feel the tension easing already.


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