Sunday, January 18, 2009

Northern Exposure -- It Humbles Me

I feel like a bit of a wimp.

A week or two ago, Rick and I were watching old "Northern Exposure" episodes I'd taped when the series was replayed on A&E. (That's back when A&E stood for "Arts and Entertainment," not "Awful and Excruciating.")

Anyway, in some of the episodes, they were in the midst of winter. Hard, Alaskan winter.

When I think back on that, I feel like a bit of a wimp! Not that I won't moan and groan a bit at the snow, the ice, the bad plowing in my neighborhood, rutty roads, higher heating bills and wind chill.

But I'll try to do it less.

I will leave you with the most recent visitor to Gypsy Rose's Bird Bath Bar and Grill -- a crasher, who tends to bully the others away and will stop at nothing to get a bit of seed.

Winter could be worse. We could be hanging by our toenails on a screen window, going for someone else's food in the cold.

Yes, it could be worse.


  1. I am laughing at your squirrel. My kittens used to do the same thing... many years ago. Stay warm!

  2. It's very funny to me that you should comment on this. Friday almost all the schools in the area were closed, due to the cold temps. As I drove to work, I thought what do they do in Alaska? They can't keep closing school every day!

  3. welcome home! I can't say you arrived back to great weather.


  4. You are so funny Jeanie! Hanging by our toenails, looking to steal someone else's food!!
    And, it's okay to complain a little - especially if you've just come back from Florida!

  5. We used to love that show. In fact, when we were in Seattle when the teenager was about 4, we drove up to where it was shot. It was a lot of fun! I love that squirrel! We don't get many here so it's fun when I see them. They can be pesky though, can't they! xoxo

  6. ohhh, this totally cracked me up and yes...I suppose things could be worse !!

    those squirrels are a nightmare and can you believe that we really just don't have any around here...even at our cottage, 17 acres....nope, no squirrels....but remember, we've got the coons and the deer that take over instead !!!

  7. Ohhh..look at all that snow. We've had narry a flake all winter. Is this winter? Mid 70's today..but hey, this is Texas. A little rain would be nice. Love those photos of the squirrel. Dale calls them "bushy tailed rats". LOL

  8. Northern Exposure is my favorite TV show. I'm not much to watch TV and when that series aired was busy with the girls and their activities and working. Caught it on some reruns over the years and loved those episodes, so I recently have been renting seasons on DVD from Blockbuster. I plan to buy the entire collection when I can afford to.

    Love the squirrel picture! We don't have squirrels in our yard as we are too far away from the woods. Holly loves squirrels!

  9. Such fun squirrel pics! It does look awfully cold there!

  10. What great wonderful pictures you have taken of this cute squirrel....
    I have heard about the mass of snow you have got this winter....Even here in Germany we had minus 20° some weeks ago, but now snow has gone and it`s raining.

  11. Wonderful squirrel pictures and some very funny lines - ah, winter!

  12. "Awful and Excruciating." Ha ha ha! You are so right!

    I like your little friend. How could Gypsy stand it?


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