Thursday, January 15, 2009

Elmo and Me!

Today, a great day -- a celebration of "Sesame Street" (turning 40 this season!)

Everyone loves Elmo! And so do I.

At today's NETA session, we heard all about the 40th season of "Sesame," a new version of "The Electric Company," and other projects by Sesame Workshop.

And, we got to pose with Elmo. The Real Elmo. Not the costume suit one can rent for events at a station.

In my fantasies, I know if The Marmelade Gypsy could talk, he would sound like Elmo. He doesn't have a big enough vocabulary to be grammatically correct, but he is sweet, charming and winning!

The sessions I was moderating were very successful -- a booming attendance and the first and at the evening extra, a smaller but good attendance.

We all learned a lot. I learned to Twitter. If you tweet, look for MarmeladeGypsy!


  1. How cool,,I do dearly love Elmo. Did you try to tickle him? Ha!
    Hope its warmer down there than it is up here. I feel like were in the North Pole tonight.
    Keep having fun!!!

  2. I am so jealous! !! I love you, Elmo! Gotta go practice my Elmo imitation now....

  3. I see you met Kevin Clash! (Elmo).

  4. What fun! And it looks like you were even color-coordinated for the event!

  5. I think, Elmo and me, we would have a lot of fun, because we both havn`t got a realy big enoug vocabuary to be gramaticaly corect and so we miht have a wondeful convesation...*lol*..
    and absolutelly no discusions....
    Best wishhes
    your absollutely perfect spieking German friend

  6. Wow! That is a big honor and thrill to meet Elmo! He is so sweet!

  7. How did I miss these pictures before? Egads, Elmo? My daughter will be jealous; to this day (and she's 25), he's her favorite, and favorite "stuffed" toy we got her ages ago.

    And you met the "real" one!!!! (autograph?)

  8. I'm so jealous. Me love Elmo!


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