Sunday, January 11, 2009

DTV and YOU (and me, too.)

Frazzle Dazzle.

(I didn't make this cute pin, but I've been wearing it a lot -- it represents how I feel about digital television!)

I have been more than a bit frantic this week. As I mentioned in an earlier post, WKAR turns off its analog signal next week, and we’re getting calls and e-mails about reception problems almost faster than we can handle them. All this and other deadlines (like a magazine with press deadlines and preparing for a conference next week) is making me a little frazzled!

Wednesday, we did a live digital call-in show, which I’m co-hosted with my buddy Matt Ottinger of QuizBusters, our local game show. Matt’s fun and it was a great time!

We interviewed engineers who explained what was happening and included demos on setting up converter boxes, VCRs with the box, and scanning.

My biggest concern was deciding which clothes will would help me look best (meaning thinner). And getting the make-up right.

We'll be putting it on our YouTube site soon. There’s lots of good information relevant for people anywhere dealing with the digital transition. I’ll let you know when it goes up.

Meanwhile, it was the start of zoo-time. The phones were ringing off the hook for well over an hour. I don't know how many questions were answered, but we split up the call-backs and I had 35.

That doesn't count the more-than-35 calls that came to my voice mail and tons of e-mails, all about digital, receptions, and coupons.

Speaking of which, the program funding coupons ran out of money. Waiting list only. There is talk of moving the digital date, but we're still planning on turning off our signal next week -- work to do to get us ready for a frequency switch, plus saving viewer dollars on electricity.

So, no digital television set or converter box (or cable or satellite), no TV.

People are mad. Like we haven't been talking about this -- A LOT -- for the past six or more months? (FCC required all stations to air announcements at great frequency; if you watch telly, you can't miss it, and if you don't, you don't care!)

If you will need a converter box or know someone who does – bad news. The national government program providing discount coupons has run out of money and are only taking names on a waiting list. It’s important for anyone who ordered coupons before but didn’t use them to pass them on to someone who needs them. Pass the word.

I know to lots of people, all this buzz seems more like Y2K. But I’m answering emails and phone calls everyday, along with doing presentations. People are having problems all over. So, if you know how to hook up a cable or turn a telly around so that someone unable to do so can get the box hooked up, please help!

Right now my mind is overflowing with things I want to write, create, knit and do. (Not to mention getting down Christmas.) So, I may just have very brief or photo posts for a day or two. I’ll be back!


  1. Just a few more days, and all this will be behind you... I predict nothing but sunshine, soft breezes, and all the good times you deserve. (and, hey! you were commenting at my place just as I was commenting here at yours!)

  2. Wow....I don`t understand everything but it looks very interesting and like a lot of work.....and you seem to be a very important person...a VIP...and tonight I will search in all my TV canals if I can find you...*lol*...
    You look marvellous....don`t need all the make-up !!!
    Best wishes...and by the way :" Hi,I am Mrs Herzblatt from Germany....nice to see you all on the TV`s....I want to help my American friend Jeanie and when you have got any questions, please phone me and I will try to answer them...but please, be prepared to find out, that my answers will surprising you...*lol*....

  3. People always have to wait till the last minute don't they!? Soon it will be over with... unless the date is postponed...

  4. Wow- I was hoping you were going to say that all those people on the phones were taking pledges.

    I've seen so many PSA about digital conversion, I'm amazed (but probably shouldn't be) that anyone that wants to watch TV has prepared for this.

    Good luck- keep your head above water and this too will pass...

  5. You are a busy gal!! How do you do it and still want to be creative??? You go girl!

  6. I know you are very frazzled right now. I just got all my Christmas deco and tree down on Thursday. That was the longest it has ever been up but having the daughter here delayed me but it was worth it.
    Hope you get to slow down soon.

  7. Love the pin. Sorry to hear digital is causing so much grief (I have cable, so I've sort of been ignoring it all). I look forward to seeing the video of you.


  8. I know, it isn't like this hasn't been mention in the last 15 months. Why all the excitement about not getting around to it. I checked out what we needed right away and was glad it was nothing as our cable company takes care of it for us. Yea Or so they say!

  9. And that's show biz!! Kid.
    I know what you mean..we are nutso too, here at our station. This too shall pass. I hope.

  10. I look forward to seeing you on youtube!

  11. Wow, Jeanie, you're handling a lot of hoopla! And, they might postpone the transition after all? Egads. Hang in there. (what a cool job, overall, though, right?)

  12. you look a star jeanie! i'm the 'no TV' person. so i don';t care except what if i want to be a TV person? i won't be able to set anything up or get what i need. the thing is..when their is national change like this is sets off peoples anxiety buttons and then they call jeanie for help and comfort!! i know you are very good at it but i do sympathize with the terrible busyness that is part of your public star status life.

    xoxox i don't know how you feel about taking christmas down but i swear it is the main reason i don't so much. i tended to fret and then i still not do it until may!

  13. I didn't realize that many people were left in the world that just got TV with an antennae(?sp). If I'm understanding all this correctly those would be the only ones that would need the box? I'm one of those who could live without TV really, but my dh definitely couldn't. Of course, my living without the internet would be a different story. I'm one who still has dial up internet. Surfing blogs and interesting art sites is my entertainment.

    Good luck with all the changes. How great to think I "know" a celebrity!


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