Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shopping, Playing, Touring

Christmas is definitely in Las Vegas -- the poinsettias were gorgeous everywhere we went. These were at the new Palazzo.

And we went a lot of places! I showed you a bit of the Caesar's Palace display the other day. Here's a different view.

And here is another spot in Caesars -- massive ceilings and sculpture.

Yet another spot in Caesar's that was fun but a little cheesy was the conversation with the gods -- all animatronics (or godotronics?)

The Forum Shops inside Caesars provided lots of good window shopping...

And fun at FAO Schwartz.

I wonder how many others try to recreate the scene from "Big" with the plastic piano!

Outside, a spectacular fountain.

There are lots of fountains in Las Vegas. (I don't want to think about the environmental issues related to these...) The fountain show outside the Bellagio was hourly and worth a look.

And I loved this fountain by Paris. Some kind soul took this one after seeing me trying to take a photo of myself!

Here's a detail of one of the fountain sculptures.

I love the Venetian. My favorite window shopping place was a mask and puppet store. (I'm saving the puppets for another time!)

This was where we saw the Renaissance-style singers with the delightful holiday program.

There were lovely stained glass windows in many spots.

And I leave as I started, with poinsettias -- these from Bellagio (as is the window above).

Countdown to Blogaversary! I can't believe I've done this a year!


  1. So very lovely
    Thanks for sharing all the glorious photographs

  2. Everthing was beautiful, especially that dress and the stained glass. Who wouldn't want to recreate that scene in Big? Talk about fun!

  3. Oh my! So much to see, so much to admire! That ceiling at the Bellagio just floors me (sorry, couldn't help myself).

  4. Jeanie, I am enjoying your photos so much! Thanks for taking us blog readers with you on your trip :))

  5. I am enjoying these photographs so much. It seems like many different countries/places not just one city. In some way you capture the grand scale of the sights in a snapshot. Beautiful!

  6. The monkey in the window with the scarf is hilarious! I needed a laugh this morning.

    Your photos are great!

  7. Looking at your wonderful photos is almost like being there. Very pretty picture of you, BTW!

  8. Beautiful photos. I, of course, love the stained glass. The monkey with the scarf is cute!

  9. I would've been one of those people trying to re-create Big... Beautiful pix!

  10. OH every thing looks like a dreamland. Its just lovely. And what a fun time with the "Big" piano. I wish I could go back to Vegas again and see it.
    Thanks for sharing it with us!

  11. Christmas in Vegas looks like a great time for photo opportunities.


  12. Your photos are just gorgeous! The fountain's statue is my favorite. What an enchanted trip!


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