Sunday, April 27, 2014

Peat Pot Fun

I couldn't help it! When I saw Karla's peat pot post on Karla's Cottage, I had to get out the stuff and make my own!

I'd done peat pots before, quite sometime ago. All my earlier ones were without handles.

This time I mixed it up. I had found some wonderful wired greenery and it made perfect handles!

Some of the baskets were painted.Others used gelli and painted papers I'd done in classes with Kari McKnight Holbrook and Jacqueline Sullivan (and after, too!).

I had a partner in crime for all this creativity -- my friend Jan came by for her first peat pot lesson.


And, she left with these three.


This was the table as I started cleaning up. You don't want to see the mess during!


I just kept going. 

And going. And going! 

Of course, filling them was fun! There were bunnies...

...and nests...



and eggs...


...and chocolate, too!

I "made" the egg in this one, covering a plastic egg with 
brown tissue and spraying with walnut ink.

It was easy and I was very pleased with the results.

I loved making every single peat pot (all of which were surprisingly simple -- 
some matte medium or Mod Podge, pretty papers, a little paint if you choose,
 moss, flowers and eggs -- you're good to go!

Try it -- you'll like it! With peat pots for fifteen cents each and 
most of the other things in your stash, what do you have to lose?


  1. So pretty. You are positively energized. Don't you just love retirement?

  2. Your pots would make lovely gifts!

  3. What fun! Love them Jeannie - Glad that you did it with a friend - so much more enjoyable!

    I enlarged your photos - where do you find TAB? I didn't think that they made it anymore???

    Have a great week!

  4. Oh, these are just darling! Hope you had a wonderful Easter and thanks for popping in to see our new Diva.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. These are just SOOOO PRETTY, Jeanie!! Endless possibilities... *swoon*... Happy new week :o) ((HUGS))

  6. What a fun and creative collection of spring themed pots

  7. Jeanie, these are absolutely DARLING! I want to make one tout de suite! I can see what I'd use, too! Lovely idea and great activity to do in my enclosed patio on a warm spring day! Well, not "warm", here in Minnesota...we are having high winds and rain. Oh well, at least it's not snow!

    HAPPY DAY! Anita

  8. OK, Miss Jeanie. Here's precisely how non-crafty, non-gardening I am. I didn't have a clue what a peat pot was. I thought you were making pots out of peat. That raised all sorts of interesting questions, like -- where idd you get the peat? Is there a bog behind your house? Etc.

    They're really cute. I swear your imagination knows no limits.

  9. Oh Jeanie! How very creative! I love them all... How sweet is this!

  10. Wow, you girls really did go to town on those pots-lol! So cute!! I really love the sheet music/bling/lace one! :)

  11. So creative and sweet and adorable!

  12. Oh fun! They all turned out so great. I love all the different details each pot has. You are so darn creative and clearly your creative juices were flowing like a river that day since you turned out so many beautiful finished products!

  13. These are just great. What fun. I love when your creative juices are flowing.

  14. Oh my gosh, Jeanie! They are all absolutely gorgeous! You're very talented. I hadn't thought of peat pots in years. I guess mailing one would be kind of out of the question, huh?? I can't possibly take on one other thing right now. Gotta stick with writing my sequel, ya know! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Hi Jeanie! Oh, these are so darling! I'm sure you all had a great time! Thank you so much for popping in to see my little family.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. What a great idea to use peat pots for these wonderful creations. I'm sure you've had fun doing them. And the bonus is the 15 cents cost for a pot. My favourites are the second set from the top, the nostalgic looking ones.

  17. Love them! I still have mine from years ago. <3

  18. I just say these are all just gorgeous! And what fun to do, I can just tell I would love playing with you. I would have a hard time picking a favorite, as they are so wonderful.

  19. These are ALL so Beautiful! So inventive and so very creative, Jeanie.....You say it's easy...It looks hard to me, but you get such amazing Results. One prettier than the other---ALL, so very very charming!

  20. what a lovely and fun post...
    you clearly had a wonderful time creating!!!

  21. wow!
    crazy inspiring, this!
    I'm in:)

  22. I love the exuberance and fun that comes through in your posts. :-) Does the gift shop that is lucky enough to benefit from your donated cards take other kinds of donations? I think these would sell like hotcakes....

  23. Each is so charming! Well done, Jeanie!


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