Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Week Wrap Up!

Some weeks are just so good you have to relive them! 
So join me while I share a couple of highlights from Easter Week.

It started Wednesday with Art Day with my friend Jan.
Inspired by Karla of Karla's Cottage, we made peat pots! 
I got on a roll and made 10 of them. But more on that in another post!

Then Thursday, it was time for a wonderful production of "Peter Pan."
 This MSU Department of Theatre production was set in India 
during the Raj -- and so the Indians really were, with remarkable and authentic 
choreography and fabulous costumes. Peter was played by a guy and he was 
wonderful. Mary Martin would have been proud. 
At the beginning of the show, kids were allowed onstage to play games
with the lost boys. And when Peter flew over the audience, it was enchanting!

Friday brought our annual egg dying evening.This year, we found some 
Paas that came with a golden dye, too. It added a wonderful sheen to the eggs.

Saturday featured the most remarkable experience of the week. 
The theatre department invited a group of special needs kids to 
come flying on the "Peter Pan" set.

I cannot begin to tell you how many smiles were shared that day. 
First the kids were harnessed up and taken a few feet off the ground to 
ensure the rigging was correct.

Then they were told to think lovely thoughts and up they went!


Some flew in pairs, meeting in the middle. They were remarkably eager to 
fly to the ceiling! 
And I think every adult in the theatre wanted to join them.

Hats off the the theatre department for offering the remarkable opportunity 
to a bunch of kids who couldn't have loved it more!


Saturday night was at Rick's, enjoying the BBC show "New Tricks" after dinner. 
Meanwhile, Rick made his first loaf of challah bread and it was fabulous!


Easter Sunday -- Rick's basket included strawberry plants, seeds and chocolate!


We had the traditional dinner -- ham, asparagus, deviled eggs, scalloped potatoes 
and some of that challah! 
I loved using one of my vintage tablecloths, mom's crystal and some vintage dishes.
 (Tulip by Taylor). 


Recognize the eggs?


And dessert was a wonderful (and very easy) Pavlova.


While the cooking was going on, Rick and Greg tried putting up Rick's new tent. 


At the end of the day, all was good. 
But someone wasn't too happy to be bothered for a photo call! 

Ah, well. It was a busy day! 

And a wonderful one.


Beth M. said...

I'm not gonna lie--You had me at "Art Day"!

Jeanie, I love all of your posts here, and this one made me smile for so many reasons. Of course, I love the metallic accented Paas eggs. And the vintage tablecloth. And the pavlova. (How very "Nigella" of you!) And even Dame Lizzie von Fussington near the end.

But the kids "flying", in pairs no less! My heart is so incredibly full right now. :)

Anne Jeffries said...

What a great day and how totally exciting for the Peter Pan kids.

HerzBlatt said...

Hi Jeanie,
I send you delayed Easter greetings from Germany. I was so busy that I couldn`t find time to open my laptop.
All my children and grandchildren were here and the house was full like in former times. Wonderful.
I love Peter Pan!! It looks like a wonderful play.
Best wishes

The Old Parsonage said...

Love the think happy thoughts photos - it was a wonderful thing to do for the kids.

So glad that you had a wonderful Easter - your dinner sounds wonderful, especially that challah bread!


Jennifer Richardson said...

oh! so much rich sweet goodness
happening over here,
all in one lovely week.
I love your eggs, those Peter Pan magic smiles, that berry topped beauty, your peat pots,
the Easter basket you made your sweetie with the strawberry plants and seeds (brilliant!)
and your centerpiece at the lovely table you set for Easter lunch. So much beauty it makes my heart do a little somersault:)
thanks for the way you share your
contagious zest for life,

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, you did have a wonderful Easter weekend! That challah bread looks amazing. Sounds like Rick could open a bakery if he wanted to given how skilled he is at bread making!

My Easter weekend flew by but I had a great time with my family in Tennessee!

Joanne Huffman said...

How wonderful to have such a joyous week! Well deserved.

Anonymous said...

Boy you keep busy! I also loved the special ed kids flying. And rick's beautiful challah and the wonderful looking dessert!
- Bonnie k

Marilyn said...

What a wonderful week. Oh, pavlova and Rick's special bread, then children flying like Peter Pan, and even to attending Peter Pan and creative crafting too. What a fun, fun time. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Our Easter dinner was not traditional, though we did have deviled eggs and some small sweets, the main course was make your own seafood salad with everything in separate dishes and people could choose what they put on the plate. It was good, but not ham.

Anonymous said...

We had Thai food for our Easter dinner. Loved the spring rolls! I am so glad you had an enjoyable time, because there's nothing better than celebrating with loved ones.

shoreacres said...

I was looking forward to seeing your eggs, but you outdid yourself this year. Just wonderful.

The Pavlova is beautiful, and likewise the Challah. And how wonderful for the children Their smiles say it all - you certainly had a high-flying holiday!

Jeanie said...

Such beautiful photos showing all the fun, beauty and love of your Easter week.
Doc has a daughter with Downs Syndrome so I know how special the "Peter Pan" event was for those kids.

Bella Rum said...

I can't believe how beautiful that challah bread looks.

Your table is so pretty. I love the mix of patterns and colors. So nice.

I love Peter Pan.

Becca said...

Your table looks stunning! I love the way you incorporate your creations past and present into everyday life.

Tracy said...

Easter is always wonderful, isn't it?! LOVE your Easter art!! OOOooo... lovely golden dye on the eggs! They didn't have that when I was a kid. ;o) Would loved to have been there to see the kids flying like Peter Pan--so sweet! Look at that challah... *drool*... LOL! Has Rick considered opening a bakery??!! How pretty and festive is your Easter table. Oh, the Pavolva... *swoon*... LOL! Can you tell I'm enjoying myself immensely with this post?! ;o) So much happy here--Thank you, my friend! Happy Week ((HUGS))

Tamara said...

what is Easter if it's not about the kids believing that they can fly! That story just moved me to tears - wonderful idea from the props people. And as for your Easter decorations - amazingly gorgeous. The painted eggs in their marble sheen are beautiful. Your creativity is inspiring.

must love junk said...

Wow! You had a fun, full week! How fun for the kids at the theater :)

Retired English Teacher said...

Yes, you Easter Week did need to be relived. Mine does too. I hope the post gets written soon.

I loved the baskets. The eggs were just eggmazing. Really, loved the sheen.

The table setting was so charming.

The food, the bread, everything, just sounded perfect. Hugs.

The French Hutch said...

You did have a lovely week! Love the chick and eggs in the nest and of course the beautiful tablescape. Have to say how much fun is that, flying around on the Peter Pan set. I know it was amazing for them. I'm loving this fun post Jeanie!


Willow said...

What beautiful baskets , place settings eggs !
I love the theatre although I haven't been in ages.
That must have been a beautiful experience for those children. I did see Peter Pan at a beautiful old theatre in London when we lived in England ( my dad was on business there ) Seeing that play when I was a child in such a beautiful theatre has always stayed fondly in my memory bank.

Christine said...

Ohh what a beautiful experience you had. Thanks for sharing the smile on the kids and the smile on the helpers faces it is so heartwarming <3

My blog links have been acting up, this is the fixed link to the latest post

Thanks for commenting on the broken link photo :) It's fun to stay connected via the blogosphere!

I need orange said...

It takes a special kind of genius to find so many interesting things to do, and an adventuresome spirit to dive in and do them.

Thanks for taking us along!

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